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3rd time a charm

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

or not?

Sadly not.

Moving on up, moving on out, nothing should matter (ear worm no.1)

We took a risk with this latest French rental, sold unseen and quell surprise, like a house of cards it came tumbling down! Okay, so it hasn't worked out, what now?. I won't go into massive detail as we are still finalising our withdrawal, but suffice to say, we would have been paying caretakers, for a house which needed a lot of work, work which would have been done whilst we were there. What a blinking faff for three very pointless weeks in faulty towers French style! Eeeeeeeeeeee!

The owners of course accept the issues and are happy for us to withdraw, but it's not been without some angst on both sides. For us it's been a complete waste of time, energy and money! Not happy! Still we've gotta pull up those big girl pants and carry the fudge on eh!

So the latest French rental was not our cuppa tea or coffee and so we are having to make rather huge U Turn decisions at the 11th hour. It's way too late to stay in our temp Uk house, as there's a family ready to move in very soon! Ouch!

So we've found ourselves suddenly house hunting! It's all go, very stressful and he's winging his way in the lorry right now, to sort it all out. I hope he remembered the keys! I have to admit to being slightly worried about my dear man and how much he's taking on. He's a big boy but still, I worry.

Oh I am so tired of crap Gite rentals, there's a lot to say on the subject, but essentially we've tried and failed, no more, never ever again.

Now? We just need to crack on with the half life, which is infinitely better than living with rain coming in through the roof of a home, we are paying rent for. Going back and forth is going to be complex, but it is what it is and we need to think smart. We also need to speed up the Wreck renovation, as staying there sometimes would make complete sense. Also, we really didn't want a full on move to France or to furnish the Wreck as it's to be sold. Better we move house here in the UK, as it's much easier. No customs forms! No expensive removals! Sigh.....!

These Gites we've rented in the past, have either had very overly invested emotional owners or are a in complete shit state! The mind boggles!

What's another year (second ear worm) in the grand scheme of things?


Our company books are at two years this Christmas and so we feel we can wait another year before embarking on a 'forever French' home purchase. This backtracking also gives us more time to complete and sell the Wreck! I mean, living the French dream isn't really the dream at the moment, it's more of a nightmare whilst renting and as it happens the girls could do with us here right now! That's the push and pull of French versus British life! Thanks Brexiteers, you bunch of absolute morons. What a bloody mess! No wonder the Brits are selling up in droves!

Anyway, as I said, he's in the lorry on the way to retrieve his parents belongings, our bits and paying a visit to the Wreck for a progress report and he's pretty worried about the diesel shortages on top of everything else! Honestly, our lives are beginning to resemble a bad Hollywood movie!

I really hope he doesn't get stuck there, as we need to pack and move out of here and soon!

It may be that we never make it work and we sod of to the USA late next year instead? Who knows? It's all to play for and it's also terribly ironic that we moved around this time last year! Life is still like swimming in mud and spaghetti since 2017! At some stage we need to decide on a longer term plan!

I always hate moving in winter, especially around Christmas time and yet here we bloody well are again! Is the universe trying to tell us something? I don't know, but I do believe we need to l listen more. Maybe, in the end, France isn't meant for us?


D x

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