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A New Chapter


Funny how things come about eh?

It's like it's meant to be!

Just one year after I moved away from collaborating, I find myself happily doing so again. This time I've had time to get to know the folks I will be working with and they are drama free, thank goodness. If nothing else, during my sabbatical from community building, I've learnt a lot of valuable lessons.

I don't need to collaborate, especially with people I don't like or who don't like me. This time I want to work with nice people and what they take from that, is up to them. I also don't need to put up with poor behaviour and owe no one anything. Remind me I said that if I ever need prompting please! I also need to calm the kindness and not add people to platforms until I've known them a good year or so without incident.

There are good people out there aren't there?

As it happens, my own Meta/Facebook page still isn't working properly, so I switched over to the old SIMPLY page which I left dormant. I guess I kinda knew we'd all be back one day down the line! So, I reopened it and started reading the old posts and was reminded what a good thing we had, mostly. Although, saying that, Facebook or whatever it calls itself, had killed the reach back then and for such a big page, its was soul destroying. I'm hoping that it's fixed now, who knows?

I will continue with this, my own very personal blog, but also blog on the new site with the other writers/bloggers. Everyone will manage their own posts, which I feel is the right thing going forward and stops me having to manage anyone. It should be ready sometime next week and who knows where it will take us in the future? I know a lot of people miss the magazine and its not impossible that we will bring it back in some form next year.

It's nice to be back working with a team and to be brutally honest, I didn't think I'd ever say that, but time heals and the year out of the thong, has done me the world of good. Even though, I've really enjoyed 'doing it for myself', it's been kinda lonely and I got a bit sick of the sound of myself in the end!

In other news, I've just been to choose the carpet for the camper! We found a local company to help, which is great and of course due to waiting for the main part to fix the camper, we have more time than expected. The carpet man was a tad surprised that I took just 5 minutes to choose the carpet. He gave me a set of samples and I choose the first one, job done. Easy when I know what I'm looking for! I just wanted a neutral, hard wearing berber. Nothing exciting but it will make a big difference to how I feel about the camper going forward. The original blue tatty carpet had done its time and had to go!

All being well we now have a new date for travel, which will be around the 24th give or take. I'm not going to get too excited yet, well, not until that part is fitted and working! I've plenty to fill my time with meanwhile! The main turbo is due to be delivered on Tuesday! Gosh, I hope so!

Work goes on and we do have to remove all the fitted sofas and chairs in the camper in readiness for the carpets to be fitted. Not quite sure how we will get them out of the van really, but it must have been done before! With the new carpets and my camper interiors, she should feel like home for a while, which is what we wanted. Oddly, we won't be in France very long before we have to fly off to an Abba themed wedding in Glasgow, on a tall ship, no less! Thereafter, it will be back to The French Wreck, which my husband told me to rename and soon, because it will no longer be a wreck! I think I will wait till we have a working bathroom, new electrics and the windows are fitted before acquiescing!

Meanwhile, I've been virtually shopping for a wedding outfit. I actually bought one yesterday on a whim, which arrived this morning and it looks like a bag on me. It's also rather boring and really not me, so it's back to the drawing board I'm afraid. I think a summer black tie is more difficult when 'mother of the groom', but I will prevail. My hubby is threatening to wear either tartan or plus fours!


It's about the bride and groom Mr H!



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