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A right Royal Celebration

I do have a right royal headache, do you?

We reluctantly (not really) joined in with the celebrations, because frankly we have paid for it, each and everyone of us. Okay, if I'm brutally honest, I love a good royal party! The dresses, the pomp and circumstance! No one does it like we do!

I enjoyed most of it, the music, the celebrities, the royal children and London looking fabulous in red, white and blue!


I wouldn't/couldn't turn off the tele because in the end, the coronation is part of our history.

In the past, I haven't questioned their existence. I have however, wanted to bash their heads together on occasion, who hasn't?

As I explained to my mother last night, I was just 13 when Charles and Diana married. The fairytale, every girl dreams of. She was definitely my Queen. Of course I've grown up since then, but I've always felt uncomfortable with Camilla being pushed on us. Fine, marry her. I get it. She is the love of your life Charles, but do we have to call her Queen?

Today at the age of 54, I still squirm a bit at having Queen Camilla pushed on me, whilst Harry, Diana's son, is left out in the cold.

Again, I am not personally an anti monarchist, but on this occasion with the cost of living crisis, I do wonder how the government can justify the bill? The coronation was supposed to be pared back, I didn't notice any savings really, did you?

100 million is the figure being banded around. Is it that much or is it more?

1 million is too much, I feel.

It is hard to tell people that can't afford to eat, keep warm, keep a roof over their heads, have no quality of life and have had their lively hoods, health and pensions stolen, that this King is worth his weight in gold, literally?

I don't care how rich you are! If you don't get this bit are you even human? History tell us and them not to ignore the suffering of the people.

Yes! Charles has done an awful lot of good behind the scenes, but there's not a lot of cake left for us, his subjects to eat and that's a problem!

The worst thing about this coronation, is that we will be doing it again very soon I expect and that makes this a very expensive folly! I do believe given our Kings age, the whole thing should have been massively reduced in scale and cost.

I'd also like to raise the subject of our aged Monarch being allowed to retire, not abdicate, just retire, like a the mere mortal he is. The schedule our Dear late Queen held fast to ,was punishing in the extreme! I don't want to see two elderly folk working themselves to death, do you? It's a job and we cant expect them to work until they drop dead!

Most educated people know, that what we spend on the monarchy, we get back in terms of kudos and tourism. I'd like to see the stats and I'd also like to see the family books. I'd like to be able to make an informed decision!

I'd like clarity on value for money. Their private wealth is hidden for a reason! The reason is that it's ridiculous wealth beyond all comprehension, but is that right? Am I an anti monarchist for questioning what is happening here? Smoke and mirrors?

Should I be arrested?

I am fence sitting, I know.

What I do know, is that I am banned from Facebook and no one can tell me why?

Our royal family sets Britain apart from the rest of the world and as a very small island that has cut itself off from the near neighbours, we need them in some form, or do we?

There are pluses and minuses.

Would we be better off with a President?

We as a nation are entitled to discuss these issues without fear of retribution, aren't we?

That said, I enjoyed watching our King being crowned as he's been heir to the throne for 70 years too long. It must have felt like his time had come and gone several decades ago. That said, I worry that it's too late for him to deal with the issues that are pertinent to the average man and woman? Working royals only? Okay, but do we need to accept Harry and family out in the cold? Did they learn nothing from Edward and Mrs Simpson? Do we need to accept the very obvious toxicity within the Royal family? Shouldn't they lead from the front and be seen to include those that want to be different? Couldn't Harry and his family done their bit from the common wealth? I don't particularly want to see infighting and I dare say, it will not help William and Kate in the future. Yes we want the magic, but do we want the realism?

I personally struggle with our Kings Queen and I've been reflecting on this struggle recently, as have many other women I'm sure. I would prefer to just accept her but I can't. I think most married women will struggle with the rise of the women that never left Charles and Diana to get on with it! Maybe I will always struggle congratulating, the then future King's Mistress now Queen because, I just wouldn't want that in my marriage. No matter how lovely Camilla is and how much he loves her, she was the trouble in his first Royal marriage. You can't rebrand her for me and I felt Charles was very weak at the time of his marriage to Diana. He led that poor girl, like a lamb to the slaughter into the depths of a snake pit full of lies. 19, a virgin, totally used and abused to provide the nation with our now beloved boys, the heir and the spare, William and Harry. He, Charles was old enough to know better.

I share my birthday with our new Queen!

I forgive fairly easily but, I just cannot forgive her, yet.

I just hope that they make a really positive difference, make a their mark in the best possible way for our country. He did it with the environment, what's next?

I personally wouldn't want his job for love or money. At his age, I'd like to be shuffling about in my slippers, complaining about the youth of today! His reign will be busy and complex. There will be no rest for him now. He has inherited a very backwards monarchy, that is very removed from us, the people. Managing his inherited wealth, houses, planes, palaces, estates with his green credentials will be tough. Sustainability, isn't just talking about it?

I have no doubt, he will slim down the monarchy and the costs of running the firm to the public purse. Many of these hangers on have lived in grace and favour homes for decades. I'm sure they will have saved up enough money to move on gracefully by now?

The biggest change to the monarchy will come, when William and Kate are our King and Queen. I predict a more European style royal family, but I still hope that they can put aside their differences include Harry and Meghan and not any other hangers on. I think their ability to get on with the job without family histrionics is expected now please!

My humble opinion is that Andrew shouldn't ever be on show again. He should go away and write a memoir or something and earn his own money.

Harry should not have been stripped of his uniform, charitable affiliations and should remain seated next to William, no matter how difficult that is for the family. He is willing to play his part, just differently.

Sarah, Duchess of York, should have accompanied her children and their partners to the coronation and other long gone events. She is their mother!

I want to see Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet please?

I get it if Harry's Meghan doesn't step foot back in the Uk in the near future because the British media are just vile. They run a 100 stories a day vilifying her! I too would opt to escape to a desert island, wouldn't you?

I would like to hear the Monarchy speaking up against many injustices in the world, but lets start with Charles fixing his immediate family!

Anyway, after this weekend, life should get back to normal for us all, good or bad? I for one will be watching the Royal Family very carefully, to see if they do indeed deserve my continued support!

D x

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