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Until we go on Monday evening, which should be less stressful than it's turning out to be.


Dogs that's why!

This is a lovely cottage with a stunning garden, but it's well cornered in, surrounded by houses and dogs. It turns out that Watson is very easily stressed by pretty much everything at the moment and I can only think it's because he was bitten by another dog at Balmoral recently.

When I say stressed, he barks all the time, cries and backs away, it's not pleasant to watch and I can't imagine Watto feels great about it either. I've just had to ask the owner to stop the neighbours dogs coming on to the property, which was awful because it’s clear they all have a lovely community of dogs, that are used to visiting each other at will. I have no wish to spoil that precious interaction and I truly feel like the worst of complaining guests.

I thought Watson's reaction to the chickens yesterday was bad enough, you'd have thought it was a velociraptor approaching him, he was such a sissy! His reaction to unknown humans and especially dogs is sheer terror!

So, for all this house is just lovely, I'm actually in need of a break from his issues here and wondering how this will work in the compound we are going to in the South West? His default setting is now to BARK at anything and everything!

I've sent Fizzy with her dad on his car fixing mission, another dollop of stress we could do without as we move AIRBNB's tomorrow morning! Couldn't make this up? I know things don't always go smoothly in life, but it's possibly because we've moved so much, that I can't stand the angst yet again. I have developed a very short fuse where moving is concerned.

It also really irritates me, that because one owner didn't keep his dog on the lead as required, at the Tea Shop in Balmoral, my young pup is deeply affected and a shadow of his former self. What a crying shame.

Of course I will work hard to get him back to feeling confident again and I'm sure all the changes happening with the move is adding to his stress. I'm reassuring him and out come the little training treats again, which I'm sure have some power to help heal? Bribery is fine in my book if it gets the desired results. The next AIRBNB is very plain but at least the garden is clearly fenced and no other animals to deal with, which right now is just the ticket!

The Airbnb thing is always a risk and I do love this place, it is so homely and the garden is breathtaking. I rarely give such high praise and if it wasn't for the dog issue, I'd be back in a heartbeat.

I often feel that holiday rentals are either shabby or soulless and will shout from the rooftops when one meets up to my brief. Sadly, Philip hasn't enjoyed it as much as I because of the low ceilings and double beds. I hear him, but thankfully I am rather shorter than he is! However, I do agree about the double beds, no thanks. I mean I adore my husband, but I do like a little breathing room and the luxury of being able to turn in the night without waking either of us.

This particular Airbnb is someone's cherished home and it shows and for me it would normally feel off living with someone else's possessions around me, opening a kitchen cupboard and be able to tell how they eat. This home is very akin to the way I live and so not really uncomfortable at all which is nice. I wonder if I could trust other families to live in my home in the future? I'm not entirely sure? Would you?

All of this sorting, packing, cleaning and airbnb'in lark has made me more excited to get back to France and start making a home.

I know I'm as shocked as you are!

D x

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