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All Stop!

Firstly, Happy May folks! Let's begin month 5 of the year with grit, gumption and gusto!

Why not eh?

In other news, the big headline is, its the week of coronation! Hurrah! History in the making if nothing else. I don't know why I feel such a malaise, about the impending crowning of C & C? I'm normally such a royalist, but since the Queen's passing, I do feel rather concerned about the Charles and Camilla era and all the royal drama, ongoing. I've always been such a Diana girl and really struggle with his Queen rather than my Queen of hearts. I know its a love match, no one can deny she's the love of his life. Still, I'd rather she be his consort and not the Queen if I'm honest. I also know how much our King does for the country. I'm not a hater by any means. Still, I'm not fully committed yet and may never be.

I think I will tune in, just for the pomp, to see the pretty dresses and how they treat Harry? Is that wrong?

As for this allegiance thing!

Just no and why ask?

Some ancient rights are no longer rights, I feel. I also think that request could inflame those that would rather 'off with their heads'. I mean, come on, we are in times of crisis and it does feel rather like 'let them eat cake' again, when in fact many families are really below the poverty line.

I guess, like most people, I wish for the royal family to modernise in all ways, including moving forward positively with Harry and Megan. I have no wish for our country to pay towards such toxicity. I might be unpopular for saying it, but I want better from the firm. I do believe that in such hard times, we have no wish to see spending for the hell of it or infighting to Hollywood standards. I also don't want a king to be seen to evict his second son! I really don't think that was a wise move. Wether a working royal or not, Harry is his son and those kids are the Kings grandchildren!

I want to be proud to be British but lately, I'm just not sure if I am!

Anyway, sadly, because of age King Charles's reign will be short comparatively and we will definitely see King William crowned in our life time. I do hope that he's still young enough when he comes to the throne, to make the hard changes necessary for the monarchy to live well beside us. I'm very sure he will need his brother beside him and some how they will have to make peace with each other eh?

I do digress!

It's 'all stop' for us and our impending RV trip to France. With days to do, we finally picked her up and on the drive home, something was amuck. Let's just say, she went from zooming down the motorway to a slug only able to do 17 miles an hour.

The next day after a drive to pick up the trailer for the car, it was very clear that the RV had some pertinent mechanical issues. I'd go into details, but I can't because I don't speak engines! He keeps calling me over to look at mechanical issues and he may as well show me a bowl of multi coloured spaghetti! I have no clue!

I was miffed. No, let's be honest, I was livid but we've come this far, so we will get it repaired and get back on track, hopefully within two weeks? It all hangs on getting the parts and the work done in good time. Does help with two bank holiday weekends back to back, but them the breaks.

I need more coffee! Hang five!


Thats better!

Tomorrow I will need to call the vet and reschedule the dogs health certificate as its time sensitive. Meanwhile I've been cleaning her inside and out. She's been sat for a while so treating her to some TLC and a lot of cleaning products.

All these problems are frustrating, because it delays us getting back to France and cracking on with the wreck. I found myself feeling rather down about it all and worried that, one we've spent an awful lot of money on a lemon and the wreck will never be a finished project. My husband really doesn't have time for all these hiccups! He's stalwart as per, bless him but making calls and trying to find solutions. So much for the RV solving a lot of our problems eh!

What happened to honesty and choices eh?

I had this uneasy feeling when signing for her with the broker. The owner hadn't turned up and she'd constantly delayed the sale. I now have to wonder if she knew there were mechanical problems? Fortunately, we do have right and if these issues ramp up cost wise, we can choose to claim against her.

For now we are inconvenienced, but still think she will be fab for us when all rocking n rolling! Let see where the next two weeks take us?

So we also saw B yesterday, a good visit I feel. She looks well and seems to be cared for where she is. We are still concerned about the ending of the first 28 section but where assured they will put her on the longer section on Wednesday. Him and I don't much trust the system or the process but we are trying to.

Right, I'm going to crack on making piles of stuff to go with us when we travel and I'm also going to order a fitness trampoline! Don't ask!

Lots of love

Donna x

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