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An Apple a Day

Keeps the doctor away?

Actually, they just give me indigestion!

So, I'm on my 'feel better' journey, mind, body and soul, but excuse me a minute whilst I neck this sausage sandwich, I am human after all. Lol! No seriously, I really am hoping for a healthier me, a balanced life, if you like.

Sometimes in life, one needs a little inspiration and I have that in my old time friend Audrey. We met at completely different times of our lives and health journeys, barely 13 years apart in age. She'd had just had a baby, moved home and country. I had just had my ovaries removed, was running a business and very wild family. We weren't on the same age or health page, but we were both suffering. I remember that even back then, less than a decade ago, she was already searching for something to help. She's a proactive girl our Audrey! In a lot of ways she was a pioneer of the shakes and supplements. I was dead against them, mainly because my digestive system never really loved them and often they caused more harm than good.

Roll on a few years and I continued to follow her journey and we had both been diagnosed with various diseases. We are both celiacs! Who knew? I've struggled on, often not doing too well whilst she is a marathon runner, mum of three, studying and working, totally busting the myth that you can't have it all. I admire her. She has backed the Shaklee products and FULLY endorses the science behind it. I was very intrigued and I've obviously tried many supplements! One of my deep kitchen draws is absolutely chocka full of the failures. Still, I knew there would be something for me out there and wondered if the answer had been in front of me all the time?

Just before my holiday Audrey contacted me, trying to persuade me to join her on her SHAKLEE journey of vitamins, supplements and shakes. I think she was very brave given that I've previously been very vocal about my dislike of supplements.

This time to her surprise, I decided to go with it and after a long questionnaire about my health, she posted my prescribed pills and potions. As I was going on holiday, I decided not to bother until I got back, but packed the emergency digestive help, always needed when contamination is the name of the game. I'm back now and yesterday I started the pills which I have to say are huge! I spread them out over the day, sat back and waited for that digestive drop that meant I would need the loo immediately! It didn't happen, so I now have the confidence to continue. There's still a long way to go but honestly, I feel very positive. I will keep you posted!

I've also re started my CBD oil journey, as my husband and I agreed that I am increasingly anxious and I have no wish to take loads of tablets to combat it! The recent diagnosis of hypertension, we both feel was wrong. I get very anxious around doctors and as a test, if you say 'blood pressure' or 'doctor' to me whilst hooked up to the machine, my blood pressure will sky rocket. Crackers I know, but it is what it is! I have the worst white coat syndrome.

I'm annoyed that the doctor just wrote a chemical script for pills that made me swell up like a balloon, instead of taking a wait and see approach. I monitor my blood pressure myself now, carry aspirin just in case, but so far my blood pressure remains pretty normal, which is good. I won't take stupid risks with my health, don't worry and I'm taking the oil daily to help keep the anxiety at bay. So far I'm pretty impressed, except when I accidentally took to much and lost half the day! It was a really good sleep though!

The oil could also have something to do with a calmer digestion system? I'm not sure? At the moment if the combination of supplements, vitamins and oil works, I'm not fixing it. Of course I need to also eat well, move my body and stay hydrated. I have noticed that I have a tendency to dehydrate very quickly which is obviously pretty dangerous to my health! I am working on trying to drink more and just putting up with the fact that I will spend most of my day wanting to pee!

I never endorse anything I haven't tried for at least a month and beyond, so in essence, it's too early for me to tell you to try the oil or the Shaklee products. What I can do, is write another blog about this in around 6 weeks time. Oh and I nearly forgot to tell you that aside from the vitamin pack, Audrey sent me the menopause relief and the liver detox pills. I will be adding these into my routine shortly. I guess we don't have to suffer in silence, do we?

Hear this! I absolutely intend to live a long, healthy life and after a few recent health scares, I'm even more determined. I generally eat a high protein diet after discussions with a well known surgeon. I know that this diet doesn't suit everyone, but it's worth a go at least? I eat gluten free due to the celiacs, but try and get a little grain replacement otherwise I can't go go! I do eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, of course I do. My aim is always to have a calm and happy tummy and I have to say, its been a real battle. Occasionally, I loose the plot and suffer for my foolish actions and my good friend 'wine' these days really does upset my stomach, causing way more inflammation than is good for me. Like I said, I am human.


D x

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