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Be careful what you wish for!


It's a beautiful sunny day for a change, but not set to last till the weekend sadly, King Charles! I've got the door flung open, baked a cake and spring cleaned one room! I'm on a roll.

Actually, I'm keeping myself busy, as I'm still reeling from the cost of the repairs on the RV! Also, as they are on a ten day delivery from USA, we have to put everything back again, including the dogs health certificate. It just really unfair. We haven't even made one journey in the darned thing yet!

My hubby rang the garage that carried out the MOT and no surprise, they knew about the issues! I can absolutely believe it! The owner withheld, it's that simple but she picked on the wrong people to do it to!

There was a broker in-between the seller, so easy for her to hide I guess and us and frankly, we are frustrated, cross and out of pocket in the thousands! How can that be right?

Some mothers children eh!

I've agreed with P that, we tot it all up when finished and give her the bill, she can either pay it or we go to small claims. One thing is for sure, she won't get away with it! Hubby meanwhile is going to go to The French Wreck on his motorbike over next weekend and get the party started! If the parts arrive on time and when it is all working as expected, then and only then will we re plan the trip!

Such is life! I mean, are there any honest people left in this world?

Don't answer that!

Anyway, Mum is coming over to watch the coronation with me this Saturday, whilst the chaps do man stuff together as per! There's always something to do here, especially in the garden which is currently on a growth spurt. I'm going to fill my time between now and the trip to France with cleaning. I've been meaning to do a really deep clean but managed to put it off, no excuses now.

Looking for a positive, at least when the RV is fixed, I can take a little more time putting our stuff in it and not chucking in there in haste. Space is a premium and I really need to learn how to make it all work, my hotel on wheels.

Best go put those piles of clothes away for the trip that are still lying everywhere!

Bye for now!

D x

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