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Day 10

Of the post festive doldrums.

Nope January isn't my favourite month of the year, but we put up with each other, we have to!

BTW, Christmas was pretty good this year, much better than last year. 2021 was just awful. We moved very late November and I was utterly exhausted. Beyond exhausted. In fact I'm not sure if there's a word for how I felt!

This year was better, it really couldn't be worse, we still moved, Oh yes we did it again, but very early in November this time and got it all sorted pretty quickly. If nothing else, we are good at this moving stuff.

The French move which we aborted happened to show us something, what? I'm not sure yet? Maybe don't believe peoples bullshit so readily. Also, never go in blind. Anywhoo, Christmas 2022 was more relaxed thankfully. I got to entertain and in-between, eat, sleep, Netflix & chill. Don't read anything into that statement please! I will give this Christmas 9/10, which is pretty perfect.

Moving? Well I can assure you we won't be moving in 2023, (I may live to regret saying this) probably more like spring 2024, all being well. Who knows what can happen in that time? We do have a busy enough year ahead anyway, back and forth to France for one. Will this be the year The French Wreck finally gets done and dusted?

Hope so.

We also have my sons wedding in August which is exciting. I'm trying not to panic about my outfit, its too early to have a breakdown about it really isn't it, still I'm teetering on one. I will start my research soon though and of course I'm going to loose 20 lbs in time! NOT lol!

What I did do yesterday and it was a long time coming, was have a hair loss consultation. Yep, Celiacs disease can indeed cause hair loss amongst other awful side effects and in the the last two years I have definitely suffered a lot of hair loss, but so far, its quite even. My hair simply doesn't grow anymore and it's so fine.

I know there are millions people struggling with hair loss and a lot worse than mine, but it has really been knocking my confidence recently, it's a very personal journey. Our hair is our crown, right? Anyway, it was a good appointment and we talked about solutions, which are quite high maintenance, very expensive, but I don't have many vices and I'm happy to pay for my confidence to be restored a little. I'm certainly not ready for a full wig. I don't know if I ever will be? These days, ladies are enhancing their beauty with hair extensions, lash extensions, nails, tans, the list is endless, so why should I feel bad for doing some of the same?

Anyway, because we have the wedding in the summer, we aren't going on holiday, but instead we are going to go to North America at Christmas, to the snow we go and maybe start making that a new tradition of sorts. One year at home and the next away?

The youngest is flying the nest again soon. She got herself a great little job which also gives her time to study and travel. It's perfect for her. She can decide later down the line wether to go back to Uni. No rush, no great expectations. I'd rather she be happy frankly. Life is too short, eat the cake.

How is it 10 am already?

Am I dressed?


Do I care? Well yes as I have to drive H to her appointment soon.

January eh!

My only hope for this year, is that life is rather calmer than last year and I know it won't be! Oh and this year I will turn 55! I always had themed the mid fifties as the point of no return, in a good way. A milestone. Mid life with no crisis? No kids around......blah, blah, blah.......!

Let's see shall we?

Love and gumption!

D x

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