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Days to do here.....are getting few, just washed my knickers in the sink! LOL! We've been driving around with a brand new washing machine in the car for over a week! Madness, I know! Oh well. It will be so nice to get back to my own bed and into a routine again. Also, I'm sincerely hoping the daffodils will be out to play by the time I get back, as I really fancy a little gardening time. I need to shake winter off and get moving again!

I do think that this trip, other than for tax reasons was a little bit of a waste of time for me. He's been at the wreck most days, taking my car with him! The progress has been painfully slow and not much for me to see! I've cancelled the fancy bath order for now, as I'm not willing to wait until 2023 for it! Not only did the company say it was in stock online, they willingly took our money for something that wasn't even a twinkle in anyones eyes! Naughty!

The lorry as you know is on a Ukrainian humanitarian aid trip. All good, except P forgot we needed it for supplies and to take stuff back to the UK. No matter, a little inconvenience given the circumstances is no problem. We can suck it up! He had said that there are other enquiries for Larry Lorry to go on aid missions, but we can't have the lorry going out all the time whilst we are renovating sadly. He also wants a larger one but I'm not keen, as storing it then becomes an issue.

Man toys!

I have to say, I have zero intention of helping towards any future move. I've more than done my bit in the last 33 years thank you and self moves are just the absolute pits frankly, I'm just not doing it!

I haven't done a lot of writing here due to a pretty little dog called Fizzy! She is so territorial and not much of a people or cat person, another reason why I will be glad to get back, for now anyway. I still have several months to spend here for tax reasons of course, so see you soon and all that!

We've had a little incident on the mag sub chat the other day which I knew was coming. One of the writers kept going up against me, it wasn't so much what she was saying, it was how. Rude cow. There are many non combative ways to get a point across, but she clearly missed that lesson! Honestly, at 53 I'm a bit Helen Mirren and it's a big 'fuck off' from me! We don't need some princess drama nonsense, I left that all behind at school thanks! That said if you want to be a dick head on my watch, you know what's coming. The writers on the chat are professional in every way, so she stuck out like a sore thumb from the beginning. It's clear she was a little fire starter, but we just don't need that kind of negativity. The magazine is a very real but a very new business, so you can bet we take it seriously. We are still learning our craft but lets face it we are doing okay so far! Also, her beef was mainly about not being able to promote her business and friends constantly, and so many complaints about design, but like I explained more than once, It's like me asking to get free services from her business and the design is down to the designer in the end? Ridiculous woman. When told off she decided it was because of a condition she has? This upset another writer and clearly any condition one may have is not an excuse for truly disgraceful behaviour!

We do make sure the writers get their airtime, it's a fair and democratic process. So, if you don't like the way we do business then we won't hold you hostage, there's the door and we wish you nothing but good things. Such a waste of time and energy all this crap! This woman has an ego a mile wide and clearly likes to gossip behind the scenes. She isn't the first and won't be the last and I'm not frightened of her or anyone else like her. We don't need a catalyst with an M.O. to finish us off.

I have to fight back as I'm not and never have been a bystander. I don't enjoy it but I won't change. Of course I hate the label the few idiots give me, but to anyone else that thinks I'm the problem, its also a big fuck off from me. I'm not a wallflower or an imbecile and I won't accept abuse in any form. I'm not responsible for how she was behaving, she was! There's just no need! It's rather been like a never ending train, some get to the destination and those carriages I loose along the way, gang together, birds of a feather and all that. It's all online nonsense really. It's my platform shared willingly with the many, but if you don't like how Tia and I run it, nothing stopping you slamming the door on the way out? Off you go! Better than constantly being a complete arsehole and bringing the chat to it's knees! Selfish woman. How embarrassing really. A bit too school yard for me. I'm just way too old now to put up with bad behaviour.

Only on the internet eh!

I'm endlessly patient, but I have been trying to rectify this by giving 3 strikes and I will be sticking to this principle as it appears to work! Everyone gets frustrated or has a bad day, sure, I can deal with that. However, if a pattern of bad behaviour becomes apparent, it's best to draw a line over it. Move on quickly.

It's okay to put in place boundaries, limits and lead from the front. It's also okay to say 'NO'.



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