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Days to Do

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Are getting few!

We are now at that horrible stage when the freezer is nearly empty, everything is a mess, bags and boxes everywhere and the pre moving arguments have started!

C'est la Vie!

Oh the weather is absolutely beautiful today, I'm not sure how much longer it can last but my goodness I will miss it here! Still, it's so nice to be moving on amicably after the last two rentals nonsense! Both which were the pits or should I say the owners were. The Canada rental experience was utter hell with the problems with ongoing build work and the Normandy rental I'm unwilling to talk about as it still upsets me. Anyway, we will be back here to visit next summer I'm sure. I'm slightly sad though as we really didn't get the chance to make many connections and bed in, but no point worrying about it now eh. Bye for now Susie, Roli, Nick, Ingrid, Mark, Tony, Charlotte and Cedric, Maria and tribe and of course Tia, Stuart and Alfie!

It's been an adventure!

That list of stuff to do keeps getting longer and there have been a few last minute drama's! Of course there have! The van I call 'Mandy' was in the garage for a few bits to be done, nearly 12 days ago and no sign of it being done. We visited the garage after a week and he said the model was different to what he thought and so it would be double the price! Erm.......I think not! Anyway, we said don't bother and went to pick it up the other day, but he had actually started work on it anyway! We were pretty fed up as we leave here early on Saturday and it won't be ready. What to do? We explained our problem to the chap in pigeon French and oddly enough he made us a reasonable offer for the van! Offer accepted and crisis averted! Phew!

Life will surely be interesting during the next two years. The contractor starts on The French Wreck1st February, it's been such a long bumpy journey to this point but we've learnt so much about us, France and property in France in the process. It's not always been a love story and so I'm very surprised to say, that even given what I know now, I wouldn't change a thing. Living here in the South West has been a much happier experience than living in Normandy, a game changer really and I feel like I could live around these parts, maybe a little nearer Poitiers though. The only problem for me is the time it takes to drive back to the UK from here. We were warned about that issue and yes it is tedious. I guess it depends on if you need to go back regularly or not?

I remember reading a ladies post on an Expat social site yesterday and she was saying how tough the settling process has been for her. She has just celebrated her first anniversary living here in France and shared with us how tough meeting decent people was. Yes it's very true and I have too come across some real ShYSTERS......! We really had to weed some rotten people out before getting to the good un's, same story all over the world I know but gosh sometimes its been really really tough.

I'm really eager to get gone now and get unpacked at the other end, lots to do and Christmas is just around the corner. Who moves at this time of year? We do! I really feel the pressure to be organised. It doesn't help that the Teen wants a birthday party only 3 weeks into our tenure! We haven't refused, simply because we've all missed celebrating during Covid haven't we? I only hope that we don't get locked down again but that said, I really feel like we should prepare for it!

I'm driving the car back via Calais because of the dogs. Brittany Ferries didn't have any pet friendly cabins available and so I felt their welfare wouldn't be best served spending the night in the boot of the car. I hate that the car alarms go off all the time and I'm positive little Fizz would be terrified. It's a really long drive for me to be honest and I'd rather not be doing it this way. Nevermind! I will make lots of stops to stretch off and just take it hour by hour. It's not going to be easy getting the dogs safely in and out of the car but I have my ways. I use a double lead which I leave on them during travel and open a side door to get them out so that they don't dash out on to the road. Tomorrow they are at the vets for their final checks and they are good to go.

Anyway, I nearly have my suit cases packed, just need to finish off tomorrow evening. Soon all this will be a distant memory and it will suddenly be January 2022! Tomorrow, Tia and Stuart are coming to give us a hand, packing and loading which is much needed and appreciated! I really hate the aftermath mess of moving, we've only been here 7 months but blimey it needs a deep clean! I really can't imagine what it's like moving house after 20 years of living in it!

We aren't taking that much really, as thanks to Brexit there are now customs charges on our personal goods! We are taking two of our sofas, a table without dining chairs, sideboard and a couple of beds. The rest is mainly crockery and linens. Fancy camping? This move will certainly be interesting in many ways and I predict one frazzled Gin soaked Donna in the coming weeks!

Best crack on and tick off some of those jobs on my never ending lists!

See you soon!

Stay sane!

D x

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