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Did you know?

Know what Donna?

It's world Malbec day?


Me neither, but I am very partial to a large glass or 5!

Not today more!

What a weekend of celebrating moving into our 35th year, of married adventures its been! No complaints. He tried really hard to romance me and I appreciated it, especially as the soppy stuff doesn't come easy to him. He even kept calm when I woke up on trip day and felt 'hay fever fuzzy' and would rather have stayed home. He didn't moan, I gave myself a good shake and packed my bag anyway! Good lass! Since lockdown, I've lost a bit of the love of a crowd you know? I appear to be happier in small groups of 2 lol!

What bothers me today, is how tired I am and was, after just one decent night out! Boozing really gets me these days! I honestly think my wild goose has gone missing, feathers flying everywhere! Hoping it's just a post winter slump and not a permanent thing?

We stupidly topped up the booze last night, to finish celebrating and I feel so bloated and inflamed today! Yuck.

I did enjoy myself and I've never attended a Murder Mystery before, let alone in an English castle, so that's one to add to the married memory box! What I didn't like, was an unknown woman, tried to attach herself to my husband and she was not shy about her interest! He had bumped into her by mistake and she clearly felt that was an open invite. Men don't notice this rubbish generally, but eventually my husband did and turned his back to her. This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened in my marriage. I remember almost being bowled out of the way at a bar once in Bahrain, so a woman could take my place beside my chap! It's so irritating that women behave like this! So disrespectful and believe me ladies, us married women are well aware of what is going on!

There's friendly interest and then there's public whoring!


Rather spoils things doesn't it?

Anyway, I put it aside and got on with holding my husbands hand as proffered, but it did make me decide not to join the dancing thong afterwards, avoiding more of the same and instead we hit the bar for a night cap, leaving the drooling woman behind us!

I think I need to be more obvious when this happens, rather than wait to resolve later. I was at a wedding a couple of years ago, when an older French lady was making herself very much available to my husband. I mean, I was surprised she hadn't handed over her room key wrapped in her knickers, frankly! She knew who I was and really didn't care! I was livid. I didn't want to cause a scene on my friends special day, so I eventually dragged my husband away from happily using his best drunk French. I honestly don't think he got her signals, but I made him very aware after! There's being friendly, sure, we've all been there, but some people just go for it, wether spouse is there or not! Having a partner in tow often isn't enough of a barrier!

Anyway, onwards and upwards and I'm feeling the pressure to make lists, lots of lists. By the time we actually get the RV (don't ask), it will be down the the wire to get her organised for the trip. So, I need to start making 'piles of things' to go now, kitchen stuff, towels and bedding, all the bits n bobs needed to make her comfortable. We also need to test all her mechanics and hopefully there will be no expensive surprises. We were going to change the flooring, but I don't think we will have time now, so it will be a good steam clean and pop some rug runners down for now!

We've had a little disagreement my hubby and I about the windows for the wreck, which I got my interior designer DIL to be, to resolve. He wanted to save money by having black atelier windows at the front, leaving two white upvc windows top floor and white windows at the back! The thing is, one can see front to back and I know as a woman that likes to faff, this very significant aesthetic detail, would drive me insane! It's a deal breaker and as I said in my previous blog, he's an engineer, if things are fixed and works, then thats good enough! Arghhhhhhhh!

Women buy houses and turn them into homes!

I know thats a sexist blanket statement, so sue me!

Another tiny issue, is his want to follow the kitchen through to a utility! I prefer, given the space a pantry and top and tail laundry space saving solution! We carved up that room to ensure we could fit in a downstairs loo and so space is a premium. I will win this argument and him constantly saying 'the house is going to be sold Donna' won't stop me managing the space properly!

Stand by for more wreck renovation disagreements and I can promise other will be plenty! lol!

Fom here on it 'war wife' weeks. I need to run the freezers down and have a little spring clean before the off! Sort the dogs paperwork. Lot's to do! We've also sold our mini to our son and we were going to buy another car, but have decided to wait till France, as we have the car we bought for our daughter here. We are going to hook it up to the RV and use it when parked up, rather than have a third world debt in diesel! Genius and hopefully will make her crack on with her driving lessons. She can have it back when she's passed!

More soon

D x

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