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Hello again! I've been so discombobulated lately, especially with the big kids here and an extra dog! My son thinks he's home to be looked after, bless him, he's in for a shock! My routine is completely out of whack after getting back from France, but it is good to be back. Thankfully, the big kids have buzzed off to Paris for birthday celebrations and so I can breathe a little. Love them I do!

Also those big kids should complete on their new house soon and then I will kick them down the road where they belong. Bless them, they really need to embrace their new life and home as it is and not get too comfortable here. Nothing is perfect at the beginning, it's a process and I'm too old to live with 30 somethings lol! My days of looking after fully grown adult kids are long over. Anyway, I've just caught up on my editing jobs and I'm feeling ready to face Friday, even though I truly believed it was Thursday today!

As I said, we are dog sitting my eldest grown up child's dog and he's not a 'real dog', or so my husband says! Unwilling to have three dogs on the bed last night (him not me), he made me pop Ralph in with our two in the kitchen. Ralph is a proper 'bed dog' and whilst I'm not one to judge how anyone brings up their dog, he did struggle for a few hours before finally settling poor thing. Him in Doors just snored on whilst I had to listen to Ralphs imitation of a baby wolf! Gorgeous boy. I was just about to give in to him when he suddenly gave in and had a snooze! Phew! It can be done and should be, so that when other people or kennels look after your pup, it's not distressing for them or us. I can totally see me having to do this with their first child (only kidding)! I could possibly be getting a bit grandchild broody, maybe...? for now Ralph will do and anyway he follows me around everywhere, the funny little man!

There's lots going on for the big kids, all exciting stuff and it's really nice as a parent to see them getting it all sorted, careers, home and loving life, but it also makes me want to enjoy my own life more. Him and I are at that age of wanting to just be, you know? We have gotten to the stage where our lives don't revolve around kids and we like it that way. Ain't middle age grand!

I'm putting a little pressure on him to get this holiday sorted he promised me. Meanwhile, he's bouncing his many work and the renovation balls. I'm sure he will be off to the wreck again by the end of the month to check on progress.

The project is gaining a little momentum (she says hopefully) and whilst one chap has gone missing completely, we have a more reliable friend joining the project on Monday and we are sincerely hoping that there are no more hiccups (if you can call them that) and the wreck will be done in good time!

The sun is shining today and I've been enjoying pottering and planning in the garden immensely! So refreshing, although, I've just taken my first antihistamine of the season! Ying and Yang and all that! We've got plans for the tumble down greenhouse this weekend, might leave the painting for wet weather, 'don't caste clout till May is out'! He's just put together his and hers steamer chairs and is complaining bitterly about always having to put 'stuff' together, when the next lot turn up! Oops!

The youngest is off to Cornwall this weekend for shenanigans with the uni lot. In June she's holidaying in Italy with the same crew! I'm so pleased she's venturing out and about independently! Kids these days don't seem to leave home until they are 36 ffs! Oh well, I'm hoping the youngest is finding out that life is way much more fun away from home! Get out there girl and live your best life!

I have a confession to make! Today, I finally shaved my legs after going feral for over 10 weeks! It wasn't pretty but my skin really appreciates the break! lol!

Big foot is gone girl!


D x

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