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Don't lick the spoon!

I've been knee deep, covered in flour in my kitchen again! It's like they never left! 4 adults and 3 dogs, with the youngest on her way home from Uni this weekend, it's all going on and they always need feeding! I will be so glad to have H back to share the cooking, as I'm a bit out of sorts at the moment. Yes, I've been baking with normal flour and yes, I licked the spoon more than once! I'm totally feeling the effects of a little gluten and I'm literally broken.

Mouth ulcers, joint pain and don't get me started on the digestive issues! I didn't sleep last night until I finally gave in and took some pain killers! If you know, you know. It's a never ending round robin of not wanting to take pain killers, because they make tummy issues worse, but needing to take pain killers to be able to rest! Arghhhhhhh!

Anyway, I keep plodding on. The house is full. I love it, but I've just had to move my son's stuff out of the laundry room! We had all that storage built, but can't actually get in there and he appears not to like using an outdoor washing line! Kids eh!

I really haven't a clue what day or date it is today? I know we got going with April but the weather is rather nuts at the moment isn't it? 4 seasons a day and I'm so over it. I need sun in my life and soon.

Has anything happened in the last week or so? Not a clue. Celiacs brain fog is in play and when I try to dig around in the old grey matter, there's nothing, absolutely nothing! Not good! I want to rewind to being 19 when hormones and or lack of them hadn't become a major thing in my life! Still, I'm alive and functioning, barely but trying.

Easter is just around the corner and it clashes monumentally with our anniversary being Easter Friday, so we've booked a table. I keep booking tables and then cancelling them because a: nothing to wear, b: feeling rubbish or c: can't be arsed! I really do have to actually don clothes and shoes and venture out to buy clothes! It's a real problem. The thing is, eating out as a celiac is like playing Russian roulette and it rarely ends well.

He will be off back to to French Wreck, straight after the Easter weekend to check on progress. I'm still not convinced that the end of June will see me ringing an estate agent, but I'm happy to be proved wrong. I just need a few complete rooms that photograph well so we can get her on the market whilst the sun shines. Not too much to ask, I feel.

One thing I am looking forward to is our holiday in May! Just me and him and the big wide open European roads to Italy. Many folks think it's odd that as a celiac I'm happily heading to pasta world, but actually Italy is very clued up on the disease. Did you know that Italy tests it's kids for Celiacs disease at the age of 6! Makes sense if you think about it. The Gluten Free pasta I buy comes from Italy and you'd be hard pressed to tell that its not the real thing! I think I will be just fine. I just need to learn a little Italian and soon!

The big kids are off to Devon this weekend for more birthday celebrations. I really am taking note! My birthdays are generally too boring these days! They have hired a fancy Airbnb and a chef and are entertaining their friends in style! I would love that! My next big birthday is 6.3 years away, but I'm thinking I might do similar! Then they are off to Croatia for a family wedding! Lucky beans. They never stay still! Early 30 somethings living their best life until the kids come along I guess!

Their wedding date isn't set in stone yet, but it's looking like next September and an engagement 'do' this September. Time yet for me to loose 40 lbs eh! We've never met her parents, so I do think as summer 2022 fades we will need an urgent meet cute date in the diary. Anyway, the nice thing is that we have time. Let's get this summer over with in the best possible way before we all turn into bridezilla.

The big kids should be completing on their first home together soon, which is very exciting. It's so difficult to get started these days, unless one has access to a trust fund! When I think back, our first house was an absolute disaster. It was a tiny Henry Boot home (built with lego bricks). We had the worst neighbours. When we bought the house, we had two tiny kids, his meagre army salary, my meagre civil service salary, massive child care costs, but the mortgage was just over 120 quid a month! I know.......BUT....we bought and then the market crashed (it happened to us more than once) and the interest rate on our mortgage went up every week, until our payment for said cupboard was over 700 a month! Thats the danger I suppose! Oh and back in the day, interest only mortgages were still a thing. Nightmare! I do hope they have better luck than we did.

Also why did I buy navy blue carpets?

Life eh!


D x

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