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Everything you needed to know about moving....

But didn't want to....!

Moving sucks the life of you, don't do it, the end.

No seriously, it's a god dammed awful process, one just has to get through it and it steals a little bit of ones poor cold soul every time. I dare not count the moves to date, as I may end up in the funny farm! Not joking!

I'm definitely a survivor when it comes to moving. I'm also utterly exhausted and yet this time wasn't half as bad as last years move. I guess its just the thought of it really. I hate it!

Anyway, we just moved!

We arrived here in the UK around the same time as we did this year! Go figure that one and no we didn't plan it that way, it just happened.

I'm being kind to myself this morning or at least trying to. I can't 'people' much at the moment. One, because I still have an awful lot to do and two....well, I just don't want to! However, I still managed to grump at my new postman. I hate junk mail don't you? They give it to us like its real mail, the sneaky purveyors of publicity no one wants and it goes straight in the bin! What, I ask you is the point? Do I look like a recycling plant! I was also in my PJ's WITH scary hair, walking the dogs around the gardens! Great timing.

This morning has been rather fraught as for the second time, I got locked out of my blog. Easy to get back in, if only I hadn't changed my phone number and bank card details! What a kerfuffle! Hours of frustration and close to tears, which just goes to show, I'm in need of a break from life for five minutes!

Anyway, the new house has not really given us any surprises yet and has the potential to be a lovely home, even if temporarily or not, probably longer term in the end because moving sucks!! Who knows what, when or how? Not me. We've agreed to speak about longer term plans for France in a few weeks time, but first we need to get over this move and the chaos of the recent French rental, which by the way is over in many ways but one. After promising us she would pay us the rent back, she has since refused, even though its in black and white and so I will make a small claim against her and add our expenses to it! Cheek! Utter day light robbery, getting us rent a property where we would end up her idiot caretakers for the work she needed doing.

The roof was like a sieve for goodness sake, not to mention the kitchen floor was escaping into the ground! The worse thing for us was that she wanted to move back in for her holidays in July and we were happy to move out for a few weeks, if we hadn't found somewhere else. However, that could only work if we didn't have to furnish the place which we clearly did!

Done now I suppose, but what silly fools we've been!

Whichever way we look at it, this year has been quite bizarre and full of unexpected twists and turns.

It is what it is.

My hands are a bit raw from cleaning the old kitchen yesterday, but at least it was our muck this time!

I was also pretty livid as my dear husband fooled me again!

It's a bit like the lie he tells me when we are out walking.....!

Me: How far to go?

Him: Just around the corner!

Us. 10 miles later!

This time, it was:

'Yes my love, the house is pretty much clear for cleaning'

Big fat porky there P!

There wasn't a room that didn't have stuff in it to still pack, quite a lot of it in fact!

His excuse was that he didn't like the way the guys packed the lamps! Argghhhhhhh!

Anyway, I refused to do anything but the kitchen which is pretty huge, after all there had been 5 adults living there in the end and we can all clean! I did what I set out to do and then I got in the car and went home. I'm pretty sure 10% of our household goods still needed packing and loading when I left, which makes sense as some vital bits are missing here!

The moral of the story here is, Donna may be easily fooled, but she can also down tools and vote with her feet!

I also don't feel the packing and loading services were good value frankly! 2000 quid for a day and a half and they didn't finish. They also used reams of paper and boxes which given it was a move an hour up the road, wasn't necessary.

My hubbies need to play lorry driver is actually killing me right now! He's regressed! He is a boy child with a toy again! I don't mind his hobby, but I don't like or want another self move ever again, thank you!

He says it's easier.....I say BALDERDASH AND PIFFLE POPS and in the midst of all the chaos, he takes his HGV 1 test and passes! Then he hires a trailer to add to his little lorry! The lorry did one trip then again a few days later, but with a fully loaded trailer and he still needs to do the last load! In between this he's working and helping the daughter in law to be with her interiors removals.

I reckon he's up for starting a haulage business!

I ask you!

This was not a simple, stress free move and I now need therapy!

Next time and there will obviously be a next time, I'm going to a Spa whilst the whole nonsense happens without me!

Life eh! Mine is clearly a book in the making, but at least it's not boring?

Hope not.

So I've been busy trying to make the rooms look like home and I will surely get there in the end! Today I've ordered some bits to bring it all together and there are still lots of boxes to open. Then we need to do a kitchen mini makeover! We'll start work on upgrading the kitchen a little as soon as the new hob and oven arrive. We are also having a new counter top and tap installed and I'm going to have a go at tiling! None of this is necessary, other than the oven, just nice to have really. Then I'm going to paint the units and see how it all looks? Theres a lot to do here, but I'm still hoping that by Christmas its all in good shape for visitors!

Why do we women do that to ourselves eh? That self imposed pressure of everything perfect for the silly season!

No clue!

Love and gumption

D x

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