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Goodbye Olive

Dear Olive....

There's been a sudden death in the family and its so very sad, Olive the Olive tree who came with us from South West France has passed! It was the most bizarre thing really, I mean she was not particularly thriving, no, more just about surviving as this house isn't that light. I asked him to take down the old tatty blind the other day for dry cleaning and repair and she had a panic attack poor dear and lost her leaves, all of them. I watched in horror as her little green boat shaped confetti floated away, leaving her butt naked! Was she traumatised? Did the light suddenly flooding in kill her? Did the tap water I used the day before finish her off? Shame. Poor Olive is no more, she's just naked snappy twigs, bless her. Only Bob the Bonsai survives now, he wasn't initially happy here either, but I finally found a spot for him in the laundry that he seems to like? I hope so. Long live Bob and Rest in Peace our Olive, it's been a blast.

It's been a busy few days as the Boy visited for two nights. Just add any child to this house of any age and we come alive again. Him in the kitchen working with his music on in the back ground. Him in Doors, in the dungeon office (that's what he calls it) and me in the snug doing whatever, writing probably. My boys even sound the same bless them! He loves my grub does my son so its nice to feel needed for five minutes more. However, I'm surprised at Fizzy dog as last time she met my son she wasn't terribly keen. This time, it was love. Bloody traitor. Anyway, just as soon as he was here, he was quickly gone and the house went quiet again. I must remember to put my music on and liven the old folks home up!

Hubby and I had an impromptu Valentines date yesterday, which was nice, I even popped lippy on for a change! We drove excitedly and in good time to our favourite pub, but couldn't even get in the car park. Then we tried the local hotel but they were hosting a funeral and the market was on. Finally, we drove a few miles to a pub we've been to before and had spent a nice few hours eating and drinking in front of the log fire. I do love a good British pub I do even if there is only one GF choice!

For the last ten days he's been getting his head round the paperwork needed to take the kitchen to the French wreck in his little red lorry. Last night all the boxes were ticked and he set off this morning confident all would be well. He got through passport control after a few hours in the queues, but nothing as bad as he'd been told and then the big paperwork check took place and it was a big fat NO!

Despite employing French and British shipping agents he was missing one piece of vital paperwork. He rang the agents and got it sorted, but despite protesting he got chucked out of the port and he had to double back to rejoin the queue. I do hope there are no more issues and he gets on that ferry soon! Arghhhhhhhh! I've not heard from him since so I'm hoping no news is good news!

Me? I've cooked myself a risotto and mixed a dirty is quiet but life is good!

Cheers Olive!

Bon weekend!

D x

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