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Thank you for all your support!

Gumption......I use that phrase a lot, I know, but I really think it sums me and my good friends up, we keep going, no matter what, but we are no fools and can make the tough decisions when needed. Money is hard earned, but easily spent eh!

Sadly, I knew instinctively that it was time to put the magazine to bed. It just became so very obvious that the magazine wasn't a viable business proposition. After its very auspicious start, a few pennies earned, lots invested, both in terms of work and money, 9 issues in........time to let it go.

We gave it a bloody good go and I feel super proud of the A team! How can we have failed? We tried and many don't bother, sooooooooo!

I will very much miss aspects of working on the mag, especially working with Tia. She is an absolute star and a very unusual lady, full up to the brim with gumption and a fabulous dose of being incredibly easy to work with. A rare beast indeed. I'm so willing her to succeed in her new adventures, truly, theres no one I'd rather see successful. She really absolutely deserves the golden ticket to whatever she wishes for herself.

Eeeeeeeee, I've worked with some super narcissistic, psycho daisy Mae's over the last few years, but I will save these crazy stories for my tome one day! I just want peace in my life now and I won't apologise for it. I remember the day I was called a C-nt on a chat by one of my volunteer team, as if it were yesterday. The shock. The abuse. I knew then I was done, but it took a few more years for me to make it happen. My misplaced belief that I should always help people has finally ran it's course and after many attacks on my character, I finally got it. I must have my own back, as rarely will anyone else.

These days, I have no need to feel utterly emotionally, physically and mentally spent by nutters on the other end of a wifi connection. No thank you! Instead, I'm rather fancying becoming a social recluse and only publishing posthumously! That way I avoid those many 'opinions' eh? Expat life is tough and sadly, I've never met so many people, that will others to fail! The re invented 'experts' from all over the world that wouldn't spit on me if I was on fire. Nice.

Equally, I've been totally blessed to work with some genuine lovelies, talented and super clever and that's why I'm still here, for us, the ones that give it a go. I appreciate the REAL friendships built up with no expectations. No angst. These people are the blessings of my life. Here's to you my friends.

Finally, I'd like to thank you all by name, so here goes:

Tia, Di, Pam, Michelle, Phillippa, Simon, Rebecca, Clare, Julia, Michelle, Reg, Ingrid, Doe, Kirsty, Emma, Jules, Kerry, Lisa, Sophie........this list is going to miss someone out I'm sure, so if your name isn't here, give me a shout and I will add it!

Again thank you!

Keep writing!

Lots of love

D x

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