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Happy New You

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Will it be a mixed bag?

Happy new you....I mean YEAR!

Oh to hell with all that new year, new you/me/you crap! I have intentions today just not particularly good ones!

It is indeed a lovely brand new year, but that old 'to do' list appears to have made it through the portal again! Eeeeeeeee and anyway lord only knows what nonsense COVID has in store for us this year!

Okay, so I personally have huge expectations of 2022 and they are all deeply selfish, but if I can't be selfish in the year I turn 54, then when can I be eh? Operation 'GET THE WRECK DONE' will begin and I'm so relieved. If this project isn't all done by the end of the year, then I have failed and I will.....whatever, doesn't matter, but the pressure is definitely on.

I gave myself till 55 to achieve what seems impossible, so there's still time....!

If, I mean WHEN all the stars finally align, this will be a very good year and if you think I need therapy, fine, you could be right but I just don't care! I'm so happy to move on from 2021!I truly believe it was just a never ending hard assed lesson in how fragile relationships with friends and family really are. How divisive, complex, on the edge the planet and its inhabitant are and how we need to proceed with more care, much more care!

I sound jaded don't I?

I get like this sometimes, but I must remind you we moved twice in 2021, once in 2020, once in 2019 and twice in 2018 and it really wasn't easy or much of a choice! In fact 'choice' wouldn't be a word I'd use, to describe the last few years frankly, with or without COVID. We have survived but we are forever changed and I feel entitled to be more than a little unhinged these days.

Gin helps.

Oddly, my dream in 2022 is exactly the same as it's been for the last decade or 3 and it is to get off this merry go round of constant moving, stop the travel, buy the forever home, settle down, write a novel or two and do a little of that GOOD LIFE thing. I want to grow old disgracefully and slooooowly. I'm still obsessed with achieving with Vie Lente (slow life).

Will I be changing my body shape? Doubt it?

Drinking less? Sod off!

Joining the gym? You clearly believe in miracles. lol!


Just no!

I will just be happy enough, if we all get through this year in one piece and enter 2023 in a much better position in so many ways!

That will do! That will absolutely do!

Happy whatever you wish to you and yours with love and gumption.....

me x

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