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Is it the end?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

I will get to that very leading question in a tick, I promise.

I'm finally back in France folks!


I feel properly manky! I look like a rather large uncooked pink pork sausage, all swollen and portly thanks to a long hair raising drive here! Does anyone else swell up when travelling? I hate it! I start off feeling pretty groovy and get to my destination unable to fit in my shoes!

The journey was pants, I mean it was stormy and treacherous in the extreme, I'm not sure I should have continued driving really but I did!

Anywhoooo, the worse bit was when a bit of screen edging trim came off the car and slapped the window so hard, I actually thought something had hit me, a house maybe?! OMG the shock! I had visions of every part of the car flying off into space and the dogs and I hanging on to the shell of the car for dear life!

I stopped just once to top up my rather empty tank (thanks to him in doors advising me to wait till France to fill up and yet there were many closed fuel stations! Just stupid!) and let the dogs have a wee but essentially I just drove! The pups were as good as gold as usual, but since arriving Fizzy has become a bit challenging to say the least. She's like me really, doesn't like change or people and so we have us a yappy little madam that's driving me and probably our hosts insane! A cat, a person minding his or her own business or a leaf blowing innocently in the wind........bark, bark, bloody bark!

What else? Oh yes! Before I came to join His Madge en France, I dyed my hair a dark blonde which is rather darker than expected, almost brown with a rather yucky orange glow to it! I've been suffering some hair loss and again thank you from the bottom of my cold Yorkshire heart for all the advice you lovely folks gave me about this rather sensitive subject, I heart you! Anyway, I knew I could no longer do the whole bleach highlights thing, so what to do? I've never had much of a mop really and so my hair has never really been my crowning glory, still I could barely afford to loose any of my precious limp locks thanks to my weak Scottish genes! Bless my family, but why? I have thin hair, freckles and cankles! Why couldn't I have been born Swedish or something? Anyway, I box dyed my fuzz and now I'm passing any mirror saying 'who dis?' all the time! It's so not me! I hate it!

Luckily our hostess of the mostess at the petite Gite has the 'skills' I desperately need and so today I had my patch test, next stop, a bit of a fix it job! I will end up with a bob but I'm not bothered really, it is what it is! I just want to feel a bit more me again. I won't be a femme fatale anymore with super blonde waves, but I will be less tangoed I guess! No pressure Lisa!

On the subject of me, I decided to try and sort my irritating immune system out with some supplements. I did a little digging and found some I can take which are in spray bottles. I spray them under my tongue and sort of by pass my overly sensitive tum. So far so good, oh and I bought the Absolute collagen drink to help me turn back time to 26.5 lol! Well, I guess every little helps and I do feel a little perkier, although I'm taking so much 'stuff' I will never know which one is working the miracle! Oh well.

So the question?

I'm back and he's working hard to get the Wreck project going smoothly before we go back. Bless him, maybe the thumb screws helped, don't know? Whilst getting the Wreck renovated is obviously a good thing, the journey to this point has been less than thrilling and I'm loosing the will to live. The other day I found myself searching for a house with land in Italy, my first love. Yes, I'm dream cheating on France! Thing is the property market here appears to be morphing into that of the UK and I'm not here to pay more for less, sorry. Maybe I'm just a bit jaded and thinking the grass will be greener on the other side? Whatever this is, I don't know if the French Dream is over for me? I'm being serious!

I like many of you had a certain type of French property in mind, my French dream life. Worth moving heaven and earth to get. Worth living across the channel from all I know and love. I have tired hard to get over myself and given myself a slap occasionally, but it's clearly not working. I know what I want here to make it work for me, but that dream appears to be getting away from me price wise. Not something I had considered really! Then there's that surprise dose of reality that comes with ageing! Am I really willing to risk it all and sign on the dotted line for a basket case of a property, which could easily swallow us whole? I'm seriously wavering. Right now, I'd probably get to the Notaire's on signing day, poop my pants and run for the hills! Of course tomorrow I could change my mind asI often do, find those rose tinted glasses again and all will be well, who knows?

One thing I do know, is that I need to take each day at a time and just remember to breathe.


Donna x

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