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Is there enough outrage?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022


Monday again folks and we aren't that far from Mid March already, what a year so far! I have to say this, our latest trip to France has been really interesting in many ways. However, no matter what has been going on, I can't help but dislike many of my fellow Brits in the Uk. The divisiveness and racism that snuck in the back door, appears to be lingering. At a time we should fling the doors open to Ukrainians, we in fact aren't! Shame. Where is the humanity! Where is the outrage!

I feel very disconnected from the Uk Government these days and I do wonder what we could do as a country with a leader like the Ukrainian leader? Better, I'm sure. I also hate how we as Europeans are scared of poking the beast that is Putin. Maybe it's time? Collectively we have the power to finish this, don't we?

There's so much dirty money in the UK, it's no surprise that the government is dragging it's feet in getting it all sorted! Russian money is stolen and laundered money. It's really quite simple. It's brought misery to many. It's not ours, but it's not theirs either and these assets should be used at home to fund displaced Ukrainians, our mental health service, stop homelessness, stop women being abused and children being hungry and cold! At least use these ill gotten gains for good, eh!

Can we really ignore the Ukrainian's plea's for real help?

If we do, what does that make us?

All those children, those children that are already orphans........what will happen to them? I can't help but cry for them. Have we learnt nothing from previous wars?

That said, hat's off to all those taking families in, these poor humans will be traumatised and lost. It won't be an easy task.

Hard to believe it's 2022 isn't it?

Cluster bombs being dropped on people trying to escape the war? If that isn't a crime, what is?

Anyway, in Mayenne 53, there are many good folk rallying to ensure supplies get to where they are needed and some Ukrainian families are being transported to France, to be hosted by wonderful caring, generous families. Amen.

Our own personal lorry, bought for our removals and supplies for our renovation project, leaves for Ukraine soon! I'm so proud of our little lorry and of Shane & Rosina from Anglo Auto for arranging the convoy. Our little lorry has had a good check up and is ready to go! It's something at least!

Please follow this link to ensure the drivers/convoy have money to drink, eat and fill up with fuel.

It's the least you can do!

Good luck everyone!

Back at the Gite I am reminded of one of the fundamentals of French life this morning, the stinky French Fosse (septic tank)! Yuck! Gone orf eggs with a side order of festering poop! Nom. They really are the angry monster in the garden! I'm so glad that we are on main drains at The French Wreck! lol! I have some fabulous tales to tell of the beast in the garden, which I will save for the book one day!

Anyway, we leave here early on Saturday, to get back to the Uk to look after my son's dog Ralph, the nearest thing I have to a grandchild! Duty calls! I also need to finish my laundry project and catch up with writing. When they are back from wherever they are going, Hubby is coming back to make sure the renovation stays on track. Even though we've been here pushing it along, it would seem that its not going as fast as it should be so far.

I will return to France for 6 months at the end of June and hopefully the wreck will be a half home? Who knows!

Keep being outraged please! Never ever accept the clearly WRONG doings in this life EVER!


D x

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