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Just another renovation day in France.........

The birds are pretty noisy this morning in rural France, spring is really trying to get a foothold, but mainly it's been grey, damp and miserable this visit. This time next week we will be packing to head back and I'm really hoping we leave the renovation project in a good place with momentum. Not convinced but hey!

How time flies! However, there's no doubt we will have to come back and forth, way more than we thought, as the team needs leading more than expected. Living in the Gite has been just fine and our hosts have been more than welcoming and supportive. We've done the easy bit. Next time we will be roughing it at The Wreck. Nothing worse than not being present to move things in the right direction. However, my hubby knows how longs things take and how much progress should be made so........cross fingers.

Today, I'm commiserating rather than celebrating the reveal of the first big window. I was so excited! Ten days we were told, but now we clearly realise we were sold a dream. Turns out the glass hasn't even been ordered and indeed a little bird tells me the carpenter took on something he is struggling with. I have little sympathy! Why? It's absolutely okay to get it wrong and struggle, but lying about who's done what and why is just wrong. We don't bite! Tell us what's wrong and why and we will work out a plan B together! Anyway, there's supposed to be a meeting this morning at 9am and I already know he didn't even turn up for that on time! I just think these people don't respect time, money and people period! It's a good job I'm not in charge of the project! Rotten windows or not I like people that are honest and upfront.

To be brutally honest 'Expat' so called experts pre Brexit, got away with bloody murder here in Europe and I'm hoping some of the more unreliable ones get found out now! This little 'Expat Mafia' nonsense is driving me insane, but I won't have a bar of it! Use me at your peril, I will use my influence to out you!

I'm livid on many levels this week as per! Please, please ladies/gents/others, do be super careful joining new Facebook groups that are just for businesses, created just to mine data and contacts. I just got caught out and I'm really not happy about it. I bloody well endorsed it thinking it was something it wasn't! I'm so cross with myself! If they had been honest about what they were doing, I would have absolutely stayed clear believe me! It's called informed choice, thank you! Guys, it's your hard work and your data that being mined and they don't deserve it. Worst still, I was a client of one of the ladies behind it and I call that abuse and a huge conflict of interest. Makes me wonder what the hell these people think I'm here for! I'm not here to build your business or indeed sell out my hard earned loyal contacts! I tell you what, once bitten twice shy, it's not going to happen again. I see you and I now know your motives. Also, don't shit on your own doorstep, its a disgusting habit and hardly community minded.

I've said my piece!

Anyway, renovations are fragile things with deadlines for a reason or ten and now the kitchen can't be done which holds up the whole project. I know this story is as old as the hills but in France some of the 'English' are a special kind of crazy sometimes! I don't know if the 'Expat Mafia' are an unusual brand of forgetful people, but they generally do forget who knows who and what's been promised very easily. I always get told what's going on by someone in the know!

Thankfully, it's better news at home and a very fine carpenter has just finished his work with time to spare. The work is of a high quality and he was easy to be around, clean and tidy and yes I'd give him work any day. Pity he won't up sticks and come to France eh!

Life goes on and this Ukraine thing gets harder to watch by the minute. I can't imagine how they are feeling and I never forget it could be us next! How would I feel? Honestly, it's heartbreaking. I want us to all do more and we must. There are some fine people out there getting supplies to Ukraine, but we really need to be more savvy about where we spend our money. Work out who is behind each company we buy from and also which country. Take a note of those people in your life that are with Putin and also take a note of the countries supporting him! Boycott them in every possible way! Put pressure on our governments to stay clear of dirty laundered or stolen money. It's time. We are a commercial world and our consumerism is part of the problem. Think hard about everything you buy! It's high time our reliance on 'stuff' stopped and anyway we aren't saving the planet like we promised are we? Turn your heating right down, put on a bloody jumper and use your car less where you can. We will have to cope with the extra costs now. It is what it is. Cheap fuel over humanity is not something we should sign up to anymore!

I have never understood why we do business with dictators or with countries guilty of many human right abuses. It's beyond me! It's disgusting. Most of us don't want it! The powers that be justify to themselves! Chronic abuse of power.

Don't be a bystander!

Okay, I will shut up now!


D x

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