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Moving Forward

As we always do, somehow.

We spent our first night here in the new house on the 6th of November, if I remember correctly and it already seems like a long time ago. It's actually only 17 days ago in reality! Not long at all. If settled means that I am still opening boxes, wondering where to put stuff, generally faffing and dressing like a moving hobo, then yes, I am settled.

Have I found everything yet?


Do I think I will?

Also no!

Have we got any sort of routine? Not really. I mean that takes time and whilst parts of life have gone on as normal, others are yet to feel established. I don't even know what bins go out when, and it doesn't help that the last occupants filled the bins to the brim, but used the wrong bins for the wrong rubbish!


The weather has been very unkind, super wet and is now pretty wintery! Us running out of heating oil has not been fun at all, but is a tough lesson learnt for the future! This house was only just starting to warm through and is now utterly freezing!

Thankfully, we've had an emergency oil delivery today, just a small one as it's very expensive to get a next day delivery! Never mind eh, we can now order more and pay the usual rate. However, the boiler appears to have taken exception to being asked to crank it up again, poor thing! I'm sure it will resolve tomorrow and we can get rid of some of the many layers of clothing we are all wearing.

This is the issue with loving period homes and those stunning features such as huge original windows! They let in fabulous light, but also welcome in the cold air, which without heating has been super uncomfortable. Thank goodness for the open fires even though most of the heat goes up the chimney. Anyway, I have rediscovered the joy of dressing for bed, thermals and a hot water bottle, it's all good.

I love this house. Thats all.

It rather dangerous for me to love this house, as one, it's a lease home, not for sale and two, it's in the UK, but love it I do. Of course it's not perfect, no home is. Maybe, I will get my French house hunting mojo back in the spring? I'm sure he hopes so, but for now, no matter what happens, this is home.

This move hasn't been plain sailing, but mainly because of family issues behind the scenes. We truly hope they resolve themselves, but one thing is very, very clear, we've all been under a lot of stress lately and stressed people don't always get it right, do they?

There's some good news though. My great niece was born safely and my Dad has just had a stent fitted and is recovering at home.

If we look hard enough, there's always something to be grateful for.

We are suddenly into the last 8 days of November! Can you believe it!

I really cannot!

I am now starting to feel the pressure of the silly season, incoming! I always aim to be decorated by the middle of December as its my youngest birthday. This year she has a milestone birthday and will be turning 21! I can't quite believe it! Time certainly flies doesn't it? I mean, one minute its Christmas 2001 and I'm holding our No.3 in my arms and then, just like that, it's Christmas 2022!

Don't blink.

We really don't have time to loose on the nonsense, do we?

It's been a funny old year really. We thought the youngest was settled and happy at uni, she wasn't and we are still busy adjusting those sails, trying to figure things out and who knows what next year will bring for her?

Good things, I hope!

The big kids arrived home lock, stock and two smoking barrels for a protracted period, very early in the year. They've just moved out and we wish them all the luck and love in the world. They've got a lot to look forward to next year, just as it should be.

Also, Beth sadly ended up back in prison at the beginning of September, although we are hoping that this time, the system actually helps her. It's clear to us that when on her meds, she's able to function a lot better. That said, prison is not the right place for her, even if she is in a mental health wing. She definitely deserves better, it's very sad.

I still have hope, what mother doesn't hang on to hope?

Our Christmas this year, will be a very small and simple affair, much needed after a full on year with many about turns. I'm also really limiting what I'm spending on gifts and upping what I pop in the food bank bin. We mustn't forget how hard many more families will have it this year and give generously when we can. Also, I'm done spending on grown up kids, friends and family. This year they can have a token of our love and affection and that will have to suffice.

Christmas presents are really for little children and I no longer have any children under 21! My eldest is 33 next year! They can buy the 'nice to have things' themselves now, can't they?

It's really time for him in doors and I to have some fun and also find our way in the world. Do some of those things we've been putting off whilst we raised the brood.

We've been parents since we were 20 & 21! We are 54 & 55 now! Its been so long since we put ourselves first, if we ever actually did? We are so very ready to take care of us now! It's well over due and so I declare 2023 and beyond, our big adventure! We are going to spend some of our hard earned money on ourselves for a change!

How decadent!

Having a family has been the biggest blessing of my life, but it's also been a huge drain on our time and finances. At some point that has to stop? Yes, but I wouldn't change a thing in the end! Well, except maybe for Beth, I would, but for the other two? They have the world at their feet and we gave them the wins to fly, so fly my loves, fly.

Enjoy the last week or so of November 2022 and remember to breathe!

Love and gumption

D x

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