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Moving Matters

Bye bye sofa!

I've been sat at my computer for hours today, uploading details of furniture I'm listing for sale and so it begins again, we are moving!

This is move is NO.38 since we were married in 1989, starting from our first married quarters!


To be honest, I've shied away from doing the sums in more ways than you'd think, because YES moving costs both financially and mentally. Yes I'm a very unwilling expert!

My husband just had me read out all the addresses, because he reckoned it was around 20?

No sunshine its very much on the way to 40!

He's just been to pick up some packing boxes and I need a stiff drink frankly!

I've tried all ways to get out of this next move, understandably I guess given the stats. He meanwhile is very much a 'just get on with it Donna' and I'm like......'I dont want to, I can't'....I guess I will anyway. I always do but theres a deep resentment creeping in.

This is definitely NOT what I signed up for!

My new date for the 'forever home' is by or before my 57th birthday, which is next July, just a little over a year to get our shit sorted? Is it enough?

I'm always moving the goal posts to suit and I do distinctly remember telling him with some force, that I would divorce him if my 56th birthday came and went without a more permanent solution. That birthday is in just over four months.

All bets are most definitely off and I dont believe my husband got the memo

Happy wife, happy life?

Such is life eh?

'I'm still standing', hardly.

Happy birthday Sir Elton John! I really didn't know how much that song from my dancing days pre Mr H, 1983 would still resonate with me now!

If I thought about how my life would be back then, would I have bothered? Probably, yes! I married him knowing he was a soldier and that there would be travel, of course I did. Only had I realised just how many moves were ahead, it could well have changed my mind. I suppose it's a good job we can't see into the future and what it holds for us?

I truly believe I'm a very strong woman but my health isn't what it was and I find each move since 2022, just horrific. I get so utterly exhausted and this move is into a part and ongoing renovation. It will be nothing if not interesting eh?

I've been quite militant this time but I think it's falling on deaf ears again. He's desperate to start packing and I've put a stop to it until after Easter. I hate living for months on end in a half home surrounded by boxes. My expertise knows its a two weeks before thing and I don't care if its a move across the oceans or around the corner, two weeks is the most one needs to spend on the packing and sorting. In my experience, yes you can do a lot of organising prior but thereafter it's better to just throw everything at it from the two week before thing!

If you are splitting your removals as we are, labelling is important and so is packing well enough for storage. I'm hoping to sell quite a bit of our furniture here as I'd rather not store it for lord knows how long?

Anyway, we are moving despite my protests and I need to dig really deep and accept that we will soon be another step closer to the dream.

D x

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