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Nearly there?

Moving madness.......nearly over?

I think! 

I sincerely hope so?

One more day today of the packer’s incumbent and then the cleaners arrive tomorrow and our life here is about done, sort of! I’m fascinated to understand how the cleaning company think they only need 5 hours here. Maybe they will arrive enemas? I hope so because it’s a big house with a lot of carpets and windows to clean.

We’ve had a little hiccup in that the Range Rover has had a paddy and needs a part or two, which is at the very least super inconvenient! Mr H has duly ordered the part and is on standby to fix the car soonest, but meanwhile we’ve had to book a second AIRBNB.

Tonight, we move into the first AIRBNB which will be great for managing the dogs. Tomorrow Watson gets his export to France paperwork, yeah! I realised that I will, have to de register Bertie in France, how sad. I guess that’s the hard bit about leaving here, we feel we are leaving him behind.

Our trip to the highlands for our anniversary already feels a long time ago now, but it was a great reset pre move. Loved every minute of it.


Still, the next few months will be quite tricky. We now aren’t moving straight into the renovation, as we feel we need more work done, especially flooring and plaster work, before we land lock stock and two smoking barrels. Instead, we are headed to the Southwest of France for anything from a couple of weeks to a few months, staying in a friend’s apartment. The important thing here is, we will be permanently back in France!


We are trying to remain flexible and will go back and forth, south to north for a while and honestly, I’m a little excited to get involved on a deeper level, finally. It all depends on how quickly we push the renovation forward and how the dogs behave?


I must admit I’ve found this move mentally challenging and physically exhausting. I don’t like moving and have moved way too much, but it falls on deaf ears. I’m not a 20 something year old Army Wife anymore and I’m feeling every one of my 55 + years! Next time and there will be a next time obviously, I will just pack my suitcases and leave him to it. I don’t feel remotely sorry for saying it on here because its not news to him or to you, my friends. No one could ever accuse me of not doing my bit. This is moving  escapade no.40 which is utterly ridiculous and beyond funny now.


Lord only knows when we will see our belonging again. We already need to go through our 2020 storage to make room for the incoming. We’ve tried to be brutal and sold, donated and scrapped quite a lot but we’ve still part filled a storage container and a 14-tonne lorry! Miss H has taken a lot for the London flat and yet we are still having to store a lot of her stuff for a future place in time.


Yesterday, one of the packers helpfully pointed out, that I appeared to like lamps, pictures and mirrors an awful lot! Tell me something I don’t know. There’s no way all our stuff will end up in the French House, so we will have to store it for a while.


Anyway, it all appears to be coming together now just a few odds and sods to sort. We hand over this house when we are ready, so we do have a little leeway, but are aiming for Friday. I haven’t managed to catch up with friends and family yet to wave “au revoire” yet again! I will try, but it will probably be easier to achieve this coming weekend.


My plants need to go to a family member for a vacation from me trying to murder them, until we are ready to export them. It is what it is. I hate having to leave stuff behind especially my plants, poor babies.


It super wintery again here, so I’m ordering a little sunshine for our first few weeks in France please! I mean, I think this year so far has been rather miserable weather wise, don’t you? It feels like we’ve had ten months of rain eh!


Watson is growing up to be such a good boy and I really can’t imagine life without him. Fizzy took a real disliking to a packer yesterday and I concur! We both know a bad human when we meet one. If my dog doesn’t take to you then neither will I and, don’t get me started on folks that say they don’t like dogs?


No words except possibly ‘off the cliff you go’!


Must dash!


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