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Poetic Licence

I've been scrolling again but not on social media!

I know! Result! Haha!

No, I've been trying to keep busy in order to help me stop eating carbs! I've pathetically tried already once this year, but it takes about two weeks to settle in and I sadly haven't quite made the grade this year, so far! Never mind eh, I will keep trying, I mean there's just a year till my sons wedding and the pressure is real! Anyway, to stave of hunger in a very 21st century way, I've been scrolling property sites! I said I wouldn't, but I am.

I love window shopping for property I do but OMG, talk about poetic license!

Them: 'A lot of attention to detail has gone into this well renovated farm house'

Me: Scrolls through details and pictures, howls with laugher!

Me: Shouts at screen 'What! Renovated in the F***ing Stone Age! Oh come the fudge on!'


Oh dear, will there ever be a house I adore instantly?

Probably not!

Whilst we are waiting for the renovations to be completed at The French Wreck....zzzzzzzzz, we are exploring the 'after it's sold' scenarios! What then? He keeps sending me French houses but as we've been on this trail for many years already, I'd like to explore other options, other countries and possibly other planets?

Maybe I'm just bored!

Lately, I'm having real issues seeing my self living happily ever after in France. I mean! It's been a rather long and fractured adventure so far! If I rewind to year 2009, when he wanted Australia and I wanted Italy, maybe I can find a clue there?

He won with Australia and it was a disaster.

Yes, we are polar opposites, no surprises there.

Anyway, I'd really like to explore a few other possibilities, to see if 'my old dream' of Italy works for us both and not just one of us? However, Italy is pretty much as expensive as the UK in places and so I guess we would end up with a doer upper again? Thats okay, but we have to absolutely love the bones of the house we buy. We also have to be prepared to live on the job and get it done! He and I were both trying to sort the jungle of the green house here the other day and he turns to me and says ' don't think we'd be very good at a project house'!

Doesn't look good for a Reno job does it?

My Italian dreams, oh so many years ago were possibly based on a series featuring a chefs move to Italy, I wish I could remember the name of the series but I can't. Then later they were further fuelled by watching a reality program on TV, where several unrelated single folks (all ages) found themselves running a vin yard in Italy. Loved it! I just adore the thought of sunshine, vin yards, olive and lemon groves. I've always been a foodie and so the thought of combining that passion with sunshine food was all consuming. Somehow I lost the way. Of course, Italy as I said has moved on and you don't get a lot for your money these days. Frances housing market has also changed recently and it will cost a lot more than we wanted to spend, if we want to buy again.

I'm sat in my lounge, on a dull day in spring in middle England, writing to you all. I'm very much in a relationship with spring and the early sunshine we have had. Today, it feels dark and oppressive out there. Like someone snuffed out spring! I believe winter hasn't quite got the memo and is paying us another visit which I really could do without! Plus I will need to order another stere of wood, to see us through the chiller evenings until the end of May. One thing my time spent in the South West of France taught me, is that I really don't do winter anymore! Give me all the sun! It's so much better for my general health.

I need a discussion with him in doors about where and when we make the journey to explore Italy. The last time I was in Italy my son who is 32 tomorrow was 8 I think? How time flies! It could be everything I want and more but it's been a while! I believe Italy as a celiac isn't as bad as one would think! I mean, all that pasta? Actually the gluten free pasta I buy is from Italy and I'm assured that one can eat well as a celiac in Italy, so we will see.

The thing is we need to test it out and Italy is quite a big country to explore. I wanted to go to Greece this year but I think I've persuaded him to do Italy for two or three weeks in an RV. That way we aren't stuck in one place. I also like the comfort of my own bed and linens and could stock the RV with my GF foodie bits. Travelling with celiacs disease isn't easy, not impossible but service station food doesn't really offer me anything. Last time I travelled to France, I forgot my pack up and ended up snacking on rubbish.

Not good!

I have had to concede that I find travelling difficult these days and so the thought of making like a snail and carrying my house with me, ticks all my travelling boxes. I just need to persuade him! I also think we could happily explore UK when here. I foresee long weekends away more often than not, it's only him and I to holiday these days and an RV would be convenient but of course not particularly cheap, fuel wise.

I've never been to Wales, just saying.



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