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Spring? Anyone seen her lately?

I should be picking daisies by now!

Hello again! It definitely feels like a moaning Monday, which it isn't!

Happy Tuesday!

How was your easter weekend? Our's was possibly the most chilled we've ever experienced and whilst it was lovely, I think I prefer the complete chaos of family around us.

The weather has been the biggest let down really and we are still lighting fires in the evening. Easter Sunday was so dull I wanted to book a flight to the sun and never return! I'm really so ready for lighter layers and more outdoorsy time, we haven't even bothered putting the patio furniture out yet!

I've just de decorated the dining room, which we didn't use once! I do adore a formal dining room, but I'm wondering if we'd use the table more, if it were in an open plan area? I do feel we are turning into bowl food, knee eating slobs, frankly!

One thing that has changed, is the 'Got yah day' for the RV. Now she is waiting for new headlights, like the needy beast she already is! Hopefully, we will have her by the end of the month and can be off to France ASAP. Meanwhile, as I said in my last blog, we've toyed with the thought of taking a winter rental in France this year, but have decided to just do 6 months in France, then back here for winter, possibly spring again, coupled with a bit of back and forth. With H looking to return to uni in the autumn, we want to know she's settled before buggering off permanently. It's not really a delay as such, as we weren't looking for a forever house in France until the Wreck is done, sold and of course our 3rd year books are in! Hopefully all the stars will align next spring!

It was the thought of another move that put us off, if I'm honest. Best to move once more, I feel? I could also tell the logistics or thought of them at least, were worrying the hubby and with his current work commitments, probably best we don't add to the load.

We've seen B and there's no doubt she's very poorly. We are attending a meeting with her team on Thursday which will be refreshing and hopefully, give us all a view of her future. I'm still not convinced that she won't be released from section into the community again, but I am crossing everything that an appropriate solution can be found, with the care she needs and soon. I don't think 7 months in prison and now in hospital under section is helping her at all. Pretty sure she hasn't seen sunlight for a very long time. Whilst it's always lovely to see her face in real time, the abusive texts started pretty quickly. We were amazed that probation gave her a phone and the ward gave her an iPad almost immediately. The internet and socials are a real issue for B, but in this day and age, hard to avoid. Despite expecting it, the abuse is hard to stomach even though I know she can't help it. It's a rude reminder that we will never, ever be able to live with her again. This understandably makes me very sad. I try not to dwell, but it still hurts.

Anywhooooo! Moving swiftly on! The updated wreck windows quote was in last night and I struggled to make head or tail of it! Also the quote had gone up 8k! Hopefully with a phone call we can get it tweaked and kept under 30k! We are so eager to get them in production so that they are ready for fitting early summer. We've set a new date of August to finish the wreck..........cross everything that we make it happen this time! Last night him and I were gently rowing about the external doors at the back of the house! I'm sure there are many disagreements to come and there's no doubt he doesn't visualise the project in aesthetic terms! 'Street cred Philip'....I cried in frustration! 'Budget Donna' he shouted!

This is gonna be fun!

Hoping someone lends us a little land, with privacy to park the RV on or our renovation rows may become town news! lol!


D x

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