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Spring has finally sprung....

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Tad Dah!

...back in Blighty, Madame spring was certainly showing her pretty face yesterday. This morning it's a little cloudy, but I have high hopes for blue skies and gorgeous blooms. It's really good to be back, not in the UK but at home with our own bits and bobs around us, such as a washing machine, full sized fridge freezer, a bath and a dishwasher! Modern life eh! It's the little things! Petite Gite living was absolutely dandy, but it felt like posh camping really, like life stopped for 3 weeks but not for a holiday, I was so bored. I'm of course super grateful to our fabulous hosts who put up with us and the dogs. It's their first foray into renting out their new Gite and I know they will do just fine, they have all the skills necessary. Lovely folks. Thanks to Lisa and Dave for great food, hospitality, new hair, wheels, washing, dog sitting and smiles!

It did all remind me of our holiday cottage and b&b years and frankly I don't think I'd want to do it all again. Anyway, doesn't matter as currently we've no intention of getting into the hospitality game again, never say never, but I think its too intrusive. I'm too old and grumpy now, but I did love it all back in the day, I'm sure.

To be honest and I aways am, I found my three weeks in France a bit rough really as I wasn't feeling fab the whole time and by the time it was time to travel back, I definitely had a stomach bug! Not nice travelling feeling so sick but at least by using the Eurotunnel, I didn't have to see anyone. Everyone in our household is full of the snots. The big kids back in residence have brought back nasty colds from skiing in Bulgaria. Thanks family!

I'm so done with winter!

I took my dogs and my grand dog Ralph to the groomers yesterday and so they all look and smell rather fine, bless them. We accidentally disturbed the groomer as she was waxing Ralphs ears and he turned into a little Snoodle bucking bronco, so funny! I had to help her pin him down so she could finish the job and he really wasn't keen. Don't blame him really, but he does look so handsome now!

So it's dogs and people everywhere at home which is nice. I'm back in my kitchen and it's lovely to put a bit more effort in. They are off on a Paris jaunt on Thursday, so he and I must get the laundry room project finished and maybe find the local pub again. Work hard play hard and all that! It was fab coming home to new built in storage, but now I have to seal and paint it all. Lots to do!

Old houses can be so cranky and we have a new noise in the family. When the water is run the tank seems to become an angry monster, best get the plumber out before something goes bang eh! I'm turning my attention to the outside now though. One, we need a lawnmower as ours is in France and two the green house jungle needs a lot of work. Whomever lived here prior to our tenure was a bit green fingered, but it's all run a bit wild so its time to tame the beast a bit.

It's a bit annoying having to order garden furniture yet again when we already have nice stuff back in France. We will end up with two of everything and then there's also his California shipping that never went anywhere, so three of everything actually.

The youngest seems to have settled back into uni and is learning some tough lessons about rushing friendships but otherwise seems fine. He will have to go back to the wreck soon, as yesterday his first day 'not on the project' and out of three people meant to be there, only one was! You couldn't make this up! I am not convinced the carpenter is for real and I'm gunning for him to be sacked. I mean, what's the point? So far he has only turned up once out of four times booked! There's a tonne of carpentry work and the project is now 3 maybe 4 weeks behind. I'm livid. I've never understood people promising things and not delivering! He may as they say be good but how do we know? So far he's not really shown us anything other than how good he is at letting people down.

Anyway I must crack on, got a tonne of writing and editing to do and also need a cheeky visit to the garden centre later........course I do!


D x

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