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That Friday Feeling

WW3 incoming?

Christ, do we ever learn?

The answer is very obvious really, it's NO! I mean, half the western world does business with him and the British government is definitely drowning in dirty Russian money! Of course no one wants to run short of oil, gas or minerals and so our countries are just greedy bystanders right now. It's just vile!

Then there's the issue with Chernobyl!

What are they up to?

Real live humans are involved and I have idiots on my Facebook saying 'I don't give a crap about Ukraine'.......okay bye then, as you are not my kind of people! Stupid ignoramuses! We really should give a crap and we should be as loud as we can be in support of our fellow innocent humans, men, women, children......what is wrong with you?

My friend just texted me that Putin is a 'despotic, greedy, psychopath'!

Tick, tick & tick, couldn't have said it better myself.

Anyway, I will leave this subject here, but please don't expect me to shut up about this, because I won't, nor should you!


Doomed! That's how I felt on my first site visit in a good while to The French Wreck yesterday, because there were absolutely no workers on site! Not one! It really did feel like an early Friday knock off had just happened, but like I said, it was only Thursday!

I'm not happy.

My husband and I have had a deep, non violent conversation about the people working on the house and how its important to get a momentum and soon, get the right full time team onboard and all will be well! Don't and I'm washing my hands of it again! Anyway, a desolate site was not really what I expected or want going forward. If we are to make it properly liveable in just 4 months, there really needs to be a lot of commitment from the worker bee's or we will big fat Freddie fail!

Coffee and gluten free, super delicious chocolate cake from the local cafe, still hasn't helped my poor mood. I wonder if it's because this whole house renovation thing has stopped and started so many times and dragged on for nearly 5 years, that I have little faith?


As 'they' say, these renovations tend to get worse before they get better, sure, but ultimately the house looks as shocking as ever, to me anyway. I guess it didn't help that the main window is out, it was dark, the house is almost a shell and Thursday was another grey, dull, damp day in paradise. Oh how I'm longing for spring and this renovation to at least start taking on some form and colour!

One thing I did notice, is that the ever pervading smell of damp is finally gone, the house is super dry, the heating ticking along nicely and other than the room where the window has been removed for restoration, it's a pretty warm house. I'm sure the project will take a turn for the better in the next ten days, at least I hope so.

That said, there's a lot of shopping to do for bathrooms, paint, lighting and the like, so we will get some of that done this weekend. Back at the Gite, he's in agony with sciatica and my hip is bothering me a bit! What a pair of old croaks we've become, really you couldn't make a whole one out of us both!

We've also been having heated discussions about the flooring in the the grand salon and dining room. The kitchen, laundry, hall and coffee lounge beams have already been replaced and I need to make flooring choices. Thats okay, but I did believe we were taking up the salon and dining room floor too. He's trying to persuade me to have the old floor restored now. I'm not convinced it can look good enough and also if it doesn't there will be no flow. I guess we will see!

There's been another design misunderstanding between him and I today. Originally, we had planning for a big extension, still do, but we aren't going down that route now. The extension was to add the much coveted massive kitchen & dining room to the house, but it would also cover the new cellar stairs which are currently outside the house. There is an old rickety staircase inside the house, but we are removing that for aesthetic purposes. As we aren't building the extension now, the cellar stairs will still need re designing and we need a structural engineer for that. Fine. However, without the extension the stairs would still be outside the house? Not good. He proposes what he called an 'orangery' over new stone stairs, marvellous, queue my imagination flying off into the realms of 'extra space' and a lovely new home for botanicals! Er, no, not so he says! It really is more of a cellar cover and that's it! Ho hum!

Renovation life can certainly drive a girl to drink!

D x

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