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The moving magpie

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

More pegs Mrs?

There are lots of signs hereabouts, telling me that we’ve just moved again and its the sight of more new washing line pegs that really gets me! Silly me! I wonder how many pegs I’ve bought over the years? Thousands I bet! Pegs and pots and pans, the list is endless. I’m sure once the storage is finally emptied one day, we will be able to furnish three houses!

We had hoped for a move in ready rental, but it was not to be, so we’ve had buy some bits and will be bringing some of our emergency living stuff out of hiding. We will also be bringing quite a bit more soon. I’m happy to live semi uncomfortably for a few weeks but not months.

To me, a Gite/rental is either furnished or unfurnished, not in between. Either way it should be clean and serviceable. Anyway, it is what it is, we took the risk and so we’ve gone with it. However, I’m concerned that this means yet another BIG move sometime next year, might tie myself to a tree, arghhhhhhhhh! Moving gets harder, never easier, every time we do it. I really could do without another big move! I’m about done with it all frankly!

In other news, I’ve set up a temporary candle workshop and I’m slowly getting back to it. I had forgotten how much pleasure making candles gives me. Making them reminds me of baking really, I can really loose myself and relax for a while and the house smells wonderful, if nothing else.

Today, we’ve been getting the lorry ready to go to Spain, to liberate his mum and dads personal stuff now that they have moved back to the UK. It will be a three-day whirlwind trip, no time to stop and smell the Tapas sadly! I'm going to hog the bed! Me and my iPad will be just fine and dandy thanks!

Once that’s done we start the big move from the UK to France next weekend. I don’t even want to think about it really. I just want to ignore it all, grab the dogs and go! I suppose I will do a little sorting ready for packing and then leave them all to it, at least I hope so!

As he has work and a course to complete in October, our last load won’t be until the end of October sometime, then of course we need to unload here. This move is being dragged out which makes it rather more painful I feel. I’m just hoping that by November, it’s all done and we have four or five normal months before we have to start house hunting!

Please make it all go quick!

The youngest is at home in the UK having a little break before starting her course for real. To add to our kid’s woes, we are also about to evict the big kids to their own house, so that we can pack the house up, bless them.

My Dad is out of hospital, but we are no further forward, with knowing what’s wrong with him and then my Mum tells me she has caught COVID! Nightmare! She'd had her vaccines, so hopefully she will be okay, but I am now both worried about my Mum and Dad!

We are at the age were we worry about our parents a lot! My Dad is 77 and not been feeling fabulous for a good 6 months, possibly longer knowing him. My father in law is the big 80 soon but battling lung cancer. There’s a lot for us to be worried about at the moment. We just hope they all get better soon. I can’t bear the thought; of loosing any of our parents I’m not ready. I never will be.

Back at our new French abode, we are experiencing lovely weather for the time of year, an extended summer if you like. I’ve only popped a light sweater on once so far! Hard to believe we’ve only been here two weeks on Friday, definitely feels longer. We met up with old friends at the weekend, had a good mooch around the Brocante and pub-crawled to watch some of the music acts on around Chinon, what a lovely historic town! I will be back for another visit soon!

Meeting up with my first ever friend in France from 2017, felt really natural and almost like a reset to our original French adventure.

What does the future hold? I’ve no idea but if Putin has anything to do with it, we will all be burnt toast! God that man makes my blood run cold, I’m surprised he’s still alive frankly and I mean that in the nicest possible way!

No one wins a nuclear war, fact!


D x

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