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The Soul of a Gardener

and then some.......

The thing about inheriting a mature garden, is that one can feel the soul of the gardener gone before. It's been an absolute delight and such an inspiration to discover the spring garden here in Middle England. 'Someone' knew his or her scents very well indeed. Home picked Hyacinths adorn my kitchen island unit and when I'm wizzing around, I catch their heady spring scent several glorious times a day! They make me so happy!

My list of flowers to seed one day, in the 'hopefully' near future grows longer by the day. I'm hankering after a blank canvas as I selfishly want to be 'the one' to start the planting, so that one day the new incumbent will marvel at my gardening skills!

Oh it's been such a wonderful Easter. For the first time since September last year, I feel almost back to my normal self. I loved the Easter silliness, Christmas without the pressure of presents and of course we had the gift of a faux summer. Blissful. Yes, we've overindulged and yes, we are feeling the effects, but we also had the excuse of our 33rd anniversary to celebrate which clashed with Easter Friday. I'm not complaining. We went to the restaurant early and we were home by 9.30 pm, hardly rock and roll but these days we much prefer the home comforts over a stuffy restaurant.

33 years......where did they go?

No clue.

It's harder each year to find the words to really do a long marriage justice. I think I wrote 'you and me and a lot of years in-between'! This year I did want to promise the next year would be better because if the pandemic has taught me anything, it's not to wish for more or miracles. We just need to be and not wish our lives away. What happens, happens either by design or good luck eh!

I filled the Easter vases with 'someones' home grown double headed daffodils and over did the table decor, why not! We walked the dogs and I cooked the tradition lamb dinner. We never quite got to climb up the cake mountain until much later in the day. Our overburdened tummies needed to make a little room for more. There is just the right amount of leftovers to pick at and its very clear that everyone chose dauphinoise over minted new potatoes.

Lessons always learnt.

The house is very quiet this Monday/Tuesday and the sun is no longer shining. It's as if Easter has been switched off. My hubby has gone to The French Wreck. My son has taken his car in for a service, his girl is away with friends and the youngest is still snoozing. She's been tackling her first uni Law exams. She's in good spirits, exercising a lot due to her PCOS diagnosis. She's always had to work twice as hard as anyone else bless her.

The big kids have started the cosmetic renovation of their first bought home together. I haven't visited yet but hopefully will soon. Very exciting. My DIL to be is an Interior Designer and I can't wait to see what she does!

Always support the mother of your future grandchildren folks!

Anyway, I must stop ignoring my mini project here. I have the tedious task ahead of sealing MDF! Talk about 'watching paint dry'! I've also promised the linen it will be ironed and put away properly in the new cupboards. I tend to lie to the ironing these day, a lot! However, there is a little laundry room fight going on between my sons exercise bike and other 'unknown' bits and my ability to move around freely. What shame eh, the ironing may have to wait a while longer!

The dogs are very sleepy today and its a blessing as their collective yapping gets on my last nerve. I mean, how dare a leaf blow past the window! Really, the impertinence!

Happy Monday/Tuesday folks!


D x

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