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The Wall

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

I've hit it! That post move, pre Christmas wall and honestly some people are just bloody annoying aren't they? It's all about them! There was Trump, then Brexshit and finally Covid, bringing all the conspiracists out of the woodwork! The divisiveness in our world is appalling, it's sad and it's so frustrating. Today, I decided enough was enough and I decided to offer someone previously very close to me the proverbial white flag of peace, we haven't spoken since the beginning of the pandemic, so I offered that magic flag, a truce if you like, but it wasn't accepted. I can only hope that he stops scrolling and starts living again! Me, I'm gonna go on as before leaving the door wide open.

It's a sad fact that some people are seriously born selfish and there's nothing we can do to change them! I can't stand having someone elses politics shoved down my throat. I will listen for a while and then ask for it to stop. It's okay not to share the same views but it is not okay to keep trying to force them on me! We ALL went through it during those first lockdowns and no one is entitled to feel they deserve more than anyone else. I understand I can't change his view of the world and so all I ask is he leave it at the door.

Yesterday, I had an altercation with a new ish friend who is turning out to be super high maintenance! I simply don't have the time for her at the moment! I don't have time for myself right now! I have always tried really hard to be a good friend, not needy and very supportive but this new friend has expectations I simply cannot meet. It's true what they say, as we age our circle gets so much smaller. I'm so happy with that.

Some folks really do like to argue about anything these days don't they? Eeeeeeee, but then I quickly realised I don't want these negative vibes sneaking into my world, instead, I'm making a mini Christmas dinner tonight and I'm also going to celebrate with a glass of Wednesday fizzy water to cope with whatever that DAFT BUGGER Boris throws at us! I just hope he doesn't unravel the Teens party plans after saying 'don't cancel anything'!!!!! Boris is a hypocrite of the worst kind! We've had enough of 'cancelling' life during this last 18 months! I can't even bare to watch the news as I have spent a fortune on her party!

Today, like many other days has mainly been about coping with an amazing amount of packaging, bloody tonnes of it! One tiny box of light bulbs equals a massive box, Amazon style! Not eco friendly eh! SO much cardboard! Why?

Days to do till this party, lots of boxes of party bits arrived en mass today and even though I got the decoration colour theme totally wrong, I hope it works! I also really do hope people turn up as gone are the days of the polite RSPV! No, I'm sure the party will be a triumph and the fact I chose green, gold and white over black and white will be forgiven, eventually!

I've been so bogged down since the move started, my brain is very cloudy. On Monday we are only three weeks in and it already feels like forever! I had high hopes of doing some of those nice pre Christmas tasks, trundling round markets with a hot chocolate wrapped up like a sausage roll, a wander around a Christmas tree barn shoving things in my basket I must have in storage 100 times over, some much needed shopping for me not them, evenings in the pretty pubs and lots of winter dog walking to blow those cobwebs away. So far I have achieved absolutely none of the nice to's, done nothing remotely festive other than mooch around the house, opening boxes, complaining and sniffing a lot.

However, today for the first time since moving, I felt semi human but it only lasted a few hours sadly. Oh well! Must solider on eh as I'm really eager to get Christmas shopped, wrapped, packed and sent, then I need to enter a period of recovery. No work. No house jobs, even though there is so much decorating to do, it can wait. I need to slump in to the new year Sloth style and I've absolutely no desire to PARTAY till spring has sprung again! I'm going to make like a bear and hibernate.

Might skip a year entirely!

In other news, food is officially both shrinking in size and doubling in price here the UK and I miss France! It is all so different and yet familiar but not always in a good way. I'm already tired of Him in Doors complaining that this isn't France, but I'm sure we will settle in time? I'm just exhausted right now and he hasn't stopped work for a moment recently! At least these days I recognise when I am running out of steam but still rarely do anything meaningful about it.

The Teen is the Teen till Tuesday and then I need to figure out a new name for her! After the clean up, he and I have a party to go to and then, it will be a race to the finish and Christmas can begin!

COVID be gone!

D x

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