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Turkey Curry Day

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Doesn't it all go way too fast in the end? All that faff and then it's all sprout gas, leftovers for days and bin bags full of paper waste!

Santa visited as per, dinner was eaten, crackers pulled, paper crowns worn, raucous games played and all went to bed full of too much of everything by 9.30 pm!

The weather was a bit shit and not the crisp snow we were promised!

Never is in Middle England!

Is it okay that I miss France?

Think we will spend Christmas there next year!

Never mind eh, today is Turkey Curry day!

I woke up this morning with a dry rancid mouth, bloated belly, splitting headache and wandered blearily downstairs to make tea, tea fixes everything doesn't it? I grabbed a cold bacon wrapped sausage (if you know you know) on the way to the kettle and as I reached to grab a cup my feet squelched into piles of dog poop!

Lucky me...!

Happy boxing day folks!

What a funny old lead up to Christmas it's been! I honesty think I'm ready to retire from the Christmas shopping, the cooking, the wrapping and all the prep. My little big boy is 32 in March 2022! My youngest is 20 and they can both do my job pretty well by now, even though they would pick me to carry out those tasks any and every day of the week. I'm okay with stepping down from Mrs Christmas duties to be honest, very okay with it in fact! I'd rather sit with a never ending sherry, smelling of mothballs and complaining about the youth of today than have to make it all magic yet again....bah humbug!

It's the pressure I put on myself to make everything perfect that's the problem really!

Christmas here in the Uk is also so disturbingly commercial and obviously silly expensive! I don't like it! On the 23rd we decided to trip to London on the train for festive shopping, his idea not mine. He bought one present, congratulated himself, found a bar, settled in and left us to it! Oh to be a man, who only buys for the wife and as close as possible to the big day to make the wife nervous!

With the move and the party, I was monumentally behind and rather lacking in both inspiration and interest in shopping frankly. As the pretty London Christmas lights started to shine, I just gave up! I did actually have a proper ugly cry and told 'him in doors' I wasn't going home with him! He asked me where I was going and I said 'a women's refuge".......why? No clue! I was just absolutely exhausted and have been all year! What set me off was me telling him yet again that I dont like 'doing' gift shopping so close to Christmas which got the usual response of 'Don't start Donna' rag to a bull and all that! Anyway, with no time left to make it all happen, we tripped to Peterborough on Christmas eve, to food shop and get those final few bits done!

It was so bleak!

How things have changed in Peterborough. In years gone by we would do a little pre Christmas shopping there and it was always super festive. The cathedral square was always very prettily lit and we'd shop and eat quite happily. Never too busy but busy enough. This year, things have sadly changed and dear old Peterbrough looks tired, empty and John Lewis has left the building! I guess COVID has worked its evil magic on a normally vibrant bustling town. Shame.

I think my lack of interest and energy shone through this year and many of the presents I gifted were just not quite right! I managed to loose one of his gifts somewhere but where? Who did it? Not sure, because at some stage we all had that bag! Scotch and Soda jumpers are so jinxed now I won't be trying again! I either shrink his brand-new wool jumpers to Action Man toy size or as of this year, I just leave them somewhere.

So the turkey curry is on the stove. The dogs are minging from muddy walks and stinking from being fed stuffing! Bertie is now renamed Tank as he's piled on the pounds this last few weeks by eating sisters dinner as well as his own every night!

Mum and Dad have just left for home and we have zero intention of getting out of our PJ's. The young un's are off to the cinema and us oldies have declined but will go ourselves when we can be bothered. I think he and are in post move/party/xmas recovery mode, that light is on and won't go off until the 4th of January, I feel.

It was a lovely day yesterday really, the only complaint being how many cushions I have on the sofas!

and so begins the downslide to the New Year.....

D x

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