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Was it me you're looking for?

Still here......

Eeeeeeeeeee if I could ring META's neck I would! What a super frustrating company to deal with, utterly useless they are!

Last Thursday, I lost my page, it just disappeared, unpublished due to unknown violations? People or BOTs, also unknown, had been up to some mischief I believe! So typical of the society we live in eh? I worked hard on that page for the year I've had it and just like that, it was gone!

I eventually got it back, but remained restricted from posting, then I got the posting back, but couldn't resolved the posting of photo's, which made for pretty boring posting!

Anyway, I promised myself if I got up this morning and I still couldn't interact fully, then it was time for plan B. Of course I didn't really know what plan B was until it revealed itself this morning, just like magic! The old Simply page was still there, lying dormant but begging for attention and so,

The Diary of a Very French Adventure @unfrenchy · Personal blog

is re born, kinda, ish..........!

I've dropped the UN, as some considered it an insult and not PC. Believe me, all it ever meant was that, I am NOT French.

This UN adventure started way back in 2017, when we bought the French Wreck and what fractured adventure it has been!

So, to those that wish me to go away, hard luck, not gonna happen!

Just like Celine Dion, I will go on and on and on lol!

To make sure this page stays safe in future, I've added some trusted admin from our previous Simply adventures together. I've had a good year on my own and whilst its been super healing, peaceful and enjoyable, proving that I still got it to myself, it was often lonely.

So here we are again, life goes on and somehow my Diary lost a week darn it.

Whats been going on?

Well of course it was the coronation weekend and whilst I really enjoy elements, I still struggled with everything edged in gold, when the world is in such a state. That said, it was a another bank holiday weekend, which meant we ate and drank a lot and spent time with family, did stuff in the garden and generally switched off, which is always good for the soul.

All is well.

In the last week I've caught up with an old friend, chewed the cud, put the world to rights, much needed free therapy. Friend therapy is the best isn't it?

Our dear old family pup passed on yesterday. Holly (Bob) had two lives! Her first life, was with us and her second living with my parents. She will be sadly missed, especially by my Dad who was her constant companion. She would have been 17 this Christmas, a good innings indeed, but it does rudely remind me how fast time goes and it's time to get on with things.

In other news, the vehicle (American Camper) which is the answer to us 'getting on with things' still sits on the drive waiting for parts. These parts are on their way from the USA and a few have already arrived. I'm on tenterhooks right now!

I could go on about how disgruntled I am, about being sold such a lemon, but we need to just get on with it now, get her fixed and get off back to France.

I'm also hoping that we can be on our way by next weekend? Cross everything for us!

Life goes on apace, just with the added insult of hay fever. Hate it! How can someone that loves the outdoors, flora and forna as much as I do, be afflicted with such allergies?

Don't answer that!

I've introduced the dogs to travel cages ready for the off. So far, it's a hard NO from them both, however treats have made them think twice lately. I just have to up the bribery I guess!

The weather has been super weird, hot then cold and so much rain! Yesterday for instance, it was s glorious day! Washing out on the line! In the afternoon yet another storm, dashed to get the washing in and it was so humid! Later we lit the fire again! It was freezing!

I t feels a bit manic!

'Don't cast clout till May is out', even in times of climate change certainly remains true.

Tatty bye for now!


D x

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