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Wedding Fever

We had some fabulously exciting news yesterday! Our little boy, all 32 years of him, finally popped the 'love me forever' question to his long term love Sophie! I think they've been together nearly a decade already bless them! She said YES! He's a very lucky boy!

Of course, we've been expecting this for the last few years, but feared it would never ever happen! Now the real fun begins for them! So exciting! They are getting close to completing on their first 'bought' house together, then the wedding and then.......? Who knows what their future together holds, but we wish them everything they wish themselves with love.

They escaped to Paris for her 30th birthday this weekend and he proposed with the Eiffel tower as the back drop! How romantic and why not! Paris is the city of love after all!

I don't think my husband ever got round to proposing really, but there's still time I guess!

30 is a really sensible age to get married I feel, if that's what one wants. I was just 20 and yes I really feel it was way too young, not that I would have listened to any other opinion at the time. We threw ourselves headlong into marriage and babies without much thought. Driven purely by hormones I expect! Absolutely zero planning and no concerns about finances! Seems all quite 'Gun Ho' now really! Still, in April we celebrate 33 years together and we are certainly ready to finally start concentrating on our coupledom kingdom.

The happily engaged couple have already travelled together widely and so I think their memory box is filling up nicely. they have four degrees between them. They are smart, educated and both work hard. Thats all we can hope for as parents isn't it? Hope that our 'off spring' find happiness, are nice people and live a good productive life.

I think we have ticked a few of those boxes with our first born! I mean we were just kids when we had him! I remember looking at this bald, screaming banshee baby and feeling nothing but fear! Fear, I would let him down! I had no idea what to do with that alien wriggling worm at first! Still, I kept him alive and today he is his own man. I'm very proud of what he has achieved. We can forget the being chucked out of private school thing, for being a bothersome clown! I remember one of his headmasters telling me it could go one way or the other and he would either make it or end up incarcerated. I'm very happy to report it wasn't the latter. My advice is, don't listen to any head or teacher writing your child off! Kids just choose their time to listen and grow, some on time, some early and some later. Have faith. Gloss over some of the bad bits, it's your prerogative!

It's nice to have something to celebrate isn't it?

Him in Doors is little reticent to crack a smile at the moment, as he knows it will hurt his wallet a bit, right on top of us going for the forever home. The love birds aren't having a long engagement I believe and are thinking about a date early in 2023. Ouch for us! We will have to temper the wedding finances with our much longed for forever house. However, I have heard that there is a huge post Covid wedding backlog and venues are booked to the hilt? Still, I hope they find what they need, I know most newly engaged couples have already explored where and when way before the date is set in stone.

As 'mother of the groom' there's not a huge amount of pressure on me, other than to keep my mouth shut and drop 40 lbs in a year! Anyone know of a miracle weight loss pill? I really don't want to look like a blob in the photos!

I guess we have a year to sort our shit out!

I really would have liked a long engagement for me not them, more time to loose all that lockdown podge! Selfish, I know! One year only, is a bit of a challenge isn't it!

They are getting hitched in modern times and we expect a three way share to pay for the celebration, us, her parents and them! In my humble opinion the days of the brides parents being lumped with the whole bill are long gone. That said we are offering a 'set in stone' amount and it's for them to manage. Weddings really can get out of hand cost wise and we don't want that for any of us!

Anyway, I'm not kidding about the house thing for us. Back end of this year into spring 2023, we will be finally (all being well, touch wood and all that) settling down and buying that much dreamed of forever home. It's a clash all right! We had hoped to be doing it a year earlier but things didn't quite turn out as we hoped. It is what it is! The Wreck will go on the market this summer and there's a lot riding on it selling. Cross everything for us!

I'm trying to be more positive about it all. Who knows where the forever home will be? What it will look like? I just know I will recognise her when I meet her! It really can't come soon enough for me frankly. Each month seems like a year at the moment and lets face it, anything can happen! Flood, plague, war...........! Life isn't exactly full of joy at the moment and I sometimes feel really guilty, especially yesterday, enjoying the freedom of a garden, sunshine and gin whilst families are running for their lives in Ukraine.

Life online is getting a little easier for me. I made the right decision to exit groups on facebook. I should have done it years ago. I never liked them in the first place oddly, especially the managing them bit. I do feel a lot more control over my own life and image. It will take more time but my use of social media is a lot less and I'm a lot happier. I'm getting there, having finally cut off the route used to constantly try and bring me down. Of course I'm still in touch with long term and trusted friends. However, I can see my use of social media tailing off over the next few years. It really does steal too much of my time.

It's funny what I hear about myself, even when I haven't spoken to these people in forever! I'm scared of competition or I don't share? Hilarious. In the history of social media there has never been anyone like me! Well maybe there are other fools out there who know? I shared everything to the point of disappearing into the ether and becoming rather invisible! Also, this whole competition thing, is only true if one feels in competition! I don't. I'm happy to support people when I can, but the expectation that I need to join everything, comment, share everything is just daft. I'd never get anything done. I started a personal blog in 2017 for my family and friends about my French adventure and I'm returning to my roots. I honestly don't care if no one reads it because it's not about popularity!

I'm okay with it all now because eventually those that spout crap eventually run out of made up gossip and move on to their next victim soon enough. My own mother taught me well a very long time ago, she told me to be happy being alone as a small child. 'Find a bench and read a book', she said! 'Better to have no friends that bad ones'. Of course she was absolutely right! I will always happily and comfortably sit reading a book by myself. It's a gloriously liberating choice. I don't live my life to fit in with others expectations and certainly not to social media standards. I live my life to suit me. Somehow us very generous ones forget that for a while!

Anyway, yesterday was a glorious spring day, much warmer than expected for this time of year! I pottered in the garden and watched whilst he put together garden furniture without instructions! He was livid as per as after a move, all he does is put 'stuff' together he says! I think the solution to that problem is to stop moving, no? So I did what I could and I fed him several stiff gins, he still cracked on moaning loudly! These are the joys of married life people eh!


D x

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