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Wedding Guest

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Oh the joy!

Bonjour again!

It's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote, I think? Feels like it anyway! I'm glad really, as it shows I really don't have time to write for myself these days, but also that I've been too busy playing tourist with Dad and this last weekend attending our very own Tia's wedding weekend! I'm getting on with things and not missing the Teen half as badly as I thought I would.

I have to say getting out and about of a weekend is helping a lot. Not just keeping my mind off things but making sure the week has some routine, some balance. Work then play!

I was just trying to remember when I was last a wedding guest, never mind being loved enough to have an important part to play in the Brides day? 1987, maybe! I do think that's the most important job, being completely available to the bride and her needs throughout the day. Tia had many happy little helpers, old and new friends, but I still happily got down on my knees to put her boots on and also found myself up close and personal with the corset shenanigans! That's friendship! It's also trust and that's truly a beautiful thing!

I loved every minute of Tia's and Stuarts Pagan (I do, again) wedding! It's such a privilege to be a wedding guest, I feel. Joining in with all their family and friends, especially seeing how well t established they are here in France. It gives me hope. Also, after all those Covid restrictions it was so bloody fantastic to get back to 'peopling' properly. Shaking hands, air kisses, dancing and generally re socialising to the max! I didn't know how much I needed it! I danced my pants off (think I might have broken my hip) whilst my husband seemed quite settled behind the bar, entertaining little girls and a rather squiffy French lady!

It did us good to get away for the weekend, leaving dad looking after the dogs! I am committed to getting to know my husband again, of course I am but it will take time to find our couple corner again. I don't think he really understands how I feel. It's a bit like the menopause really, isn't it? They don't get it! No one prepared us or them for the train wreck that hormones or lack of them cause! It's the same when that last child leaves home, there's a new hole to fill!

We are older but seemingly busier than ever. Life keeps upping the anti a bit! He's enjoyed having Dad here and getting those man jobs done, but he takes on a new client on the 4th, so the luxury of time, even though it was just a few weeks grace, will soon be a distant memory. We always said we would do it all again....get married that is, but now I'm thinking just a big party to celebrate our lives together. Where and when remains to be seen!

Can't believe how quickly September is going! Just a few days left and the cool wind and rain are blowing in! The Teen is having a ball, literally! So far everything seems fine and dandy in her world. She still texts me at 4 am in the morning, which I rather like. I need to know she's okay, that's all. Just a little message here and there is enough, I don't want to be too clingy. I have a feeling October to January will be a tad manic! I remember when him being 55 seemed like light years away but now its next November! Don't blink!

The second issue of the magazine is coming along nicely and I'm deeply proud of it, Maria and Tia! I love that it is a magazine for the community by the community! Way back in late 2016, when I was sat in my very own hell, Saudi Arabia, I dreamed of a community that brought people together in France. A safe, kind and welcoming place to hang out, no need to be lonely. It's here and I'm very glad of it. My hope is that the magazine offers many budding writers and those enjoying the French lifestyle a platform from which to grow.

Gotta dash now, as I have a real hankering for shepherds pie tonight and I don't have potatoes for the mash! It's definitely a comfort food sort of day today, plus I'm also seriously tired after partying all weekend! Must remember my age next time eh!

News Flash! RV finally through for residency here in France!

Love and gumption

D x

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