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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

How long has it been since I wrote a little ditty on here, no clue!

Our trip to the UK whizzed by in the blink of an eye!

I find travelling utterly exhausting these days but the weather in Oxford was so kind to us which was unexpected. We also had an unexpectedly good trip, even had us some down time! Our hotel 'The Randolph Oxford' was super interesting, a bit of a mixed bag. I really, really wanted to run all the front of house and fancied myself the new 'hotel inspector'! As if! I have worked in hotels back in the day, the art of hospitality has never really left me and that makes any hotel visit a bit of an adventure. I see EVERYTHING!

The hotel itself is still under renovation and snaps for the interior design which is perfectly Instagramable! However? Five star treatment? Meh! The service, drink and food, not really! There are lot of staffing issues, plenty of staff but definitely training and leadership problems. The food really isn't up to scratch. The menu is severely limited and doesn't change to tempt a longer stay. The menu also isn't geared to dealing with people like me who are GF and not by choice. They did try very hard to put issues right but I'm sadly not convinced my food was prepared safely and that's a big problem. I'm not allergic, I have a disease but imagine if I was? If it wasn't for the decor and some friendly staff, I would give the hotel a 'could do better' grading. All the elements are there and it just needs some strong management to bring it all together, connect the dots so to speak. The high price on the ticket doesn't come anywhere near what they are offering. Parking was very disturbing! Because the car park was closed due to renovations we had to dump our luggage and drive to the nearest park and ride, then get the bus back! You can only book 72 hours parking at a time which was real pain! Shame.

Anyway, we mainly spent time with the teen who after the first night, admitted she was having a tough time. She enjoys her course which lets face it is the main thing, but she hates her flat, the mess, how small the room is and the fact it is across from the kitchen. The noise is driving her crazy! She's also discovered that going out every night isn't for her! Who knew!

Our little home leaver got a nice dose of 'Freshers flu' after just two days and struggled on to the point of exhaustion, I feel. Two lots of antibiotics and no change, bless her! She sure needed some TLC and reassurance, so we ended up spending more time with her than we expected. I had her box dyed green hair fixed, did a little mooching round the shops and we went to see the James Bond movie together! However, the highlight was watching her face as she DIDN'T get the show we went to see! It was 'The Bat Out of Hell' show! The Teen was not impressed at all! Nevermind eh! We had some lovely luncheons and early suppers, drank too much gin and talked an awful lot about her possibly moving uni and or accommodation. Oddly, since we left her last Thursday we haven't heard any further complaints!

I have a tonne of washing to do again which once done I will add to the pile from our last trip! Something has gone really wrong with my housekeeping lately? Oh yes! I'm working flat out to make up for the time I was away! I also brought the lurgy home with me which means I'm uber cranky and a bit slooooow! My hubby has just brought me crumbled cookies with left over cheesecake mix on top! I just started shovelling it into my mouth without even asking what it was, could have been anything! Mechanical eating eh! Need to stop that before I end up the size of a house!

As you know we have another move afoot and so there are things I need to be doing, but I'm not quite there yet. I'm really glad we are moving from here in the end, as working from home here is rather tougher than it needs to be. I just need quiet and privacy. Writing isn't easy in chaos! It's odd how life moves forward at a pace barely leaving time to take a breath but it does! I have Christmas in my sights but already know that we will need to have a family 'do' at a restaurant, as our new place won't really be entertaining ready! Everything will be down to the wire just to make things a little more interesting! T'is life!

Considering 'everything' I have going on at the moment, I have zero patience for any nonsense and I'm taking no prisoners these days. It's a new me. I'm kind. I'm fair but I'm not stupid. I only want those that have my back and the rest don't matter. Loyalty and respect is everything isn't it? I'm also 53 not 15 and cant be bothered with bitchiness. Can't stand gossip. I really do have bigger fish to fry these days.

The thought of having to pack up here is already causing me some anxiety. I hate packing and moving as much as I do travelling. It's not fun! A lot of our stuff will go back into storage until we do decide on what's next. I have no clue what we have anymore and I honestly don't care! I'm in no rush to settle suddenly because its going to be 18 months to two years before we have established companies. Instead, I'm committing to the magazine, making it my life and forgetting about everything else. We have the best team going forward, me, Maria, Tia, Pam & Di and some new promising admin for the socials. We are in a good place, full of hope and ideas! After those hideous Covid lockdowns I am just hoping we all get through this winter in good shape!

The day temperatures here in the south west are still in the low twenties, not that I'm getting time to get out and about sadly. We've had a couple of cold evenings but so far haven't put the heating on! I will miss the light, the warmth here, but I realise unless retired with no need to go back and forth to the Uk, it won't work. It's just too far! Gotta try before you buy though!

Okay back to catching up with admin, washing.........blah, blah...bloody blah.

Lots of love and gumption

D x

P.S I have a new computer with a French key board and I might actually throw it off the balcony tomorrow argghhhhhhh!

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