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Hello Puddings!

Updated: Mar 7

I know.......I know, you missed me, I've missed you too!

I haven't gone anywhere really, just adjusting my sails again, ready to get back to La Belle France and get on with it all....finally.

Two months to go!

Can't quite believe it!

Anyway, I feel back to my old self, mostly, after a long enough hiatus from TVUFW and whilst, I will always love Humble Tart Kitchen, really that ship sailed a long time ago, but she was a great safe port in a storm and I shall always love her a little too much.

I love cooking and baking of course, but honestly at 55, for a few more months anyway, I'm not going to try to keep up with the young and funky insta brigade, I just can't be bothered. Just the thought of spending hours and hours testing recipes and writing them, is not floating my boat anymore frankly! Nevertheless, I shall try and keep sharing what I do conjure up in my humble French kitchen! Try and stop me!

Also, my new bestie, Watson pup, has really kept me busy and out of trouble lately, bless him! I wanted to be super present and available to him whilst he settles in. At 14 weeks, he's a great hybrid of loving young pup and mad velociraptor! We rarely sit down!

I know my fellow UnFrench friends, really missed blogging with me and let's face it, I missed them and with my return to France full time incoming, no time like the present to get going again! Oh and I've also opened a new group 'France and other stories' which was surprise to me too!

I really believe time heals and I've learnt a lot of tough lessons along the way. That said, I won't let anyone stop me doing what I do and those that support me will continue to do so, those that don't don't really matter, that's their problem!

Lately, I've been buying paint, all the pretties and I'm more than ready to get it all done. My hallway is full of boxes waiting to go! Are we ready? Are we heck! There's a lot to do before we can decorate during the next 8 weeks. P is off to France early next week to kick it along again and relay some design decisions I've made, since he was last there. I will follow as soon as Watson can be exported which is very soon! I also predict several visits, before we start loading the lorry and my head is a tad full with how to do it all.

As you all know, I hate moving and this time is no different, I'm exhausted just at the thought of it! Also, this move is complex, as the house won't be ready for an onslaught of furniture, so we really need to think seriously about what is needed where and when? I must admit it's a conundrum.

It feels like this particular train is leaving the station and I'm on it no matter what. Am I nervous? Yes of course, just a little. I'm trying to concentrate on the positives, okay I lie, mostly decorating! Being the travelling wife that I am, I've rarely been able to throw some wallpaper up and call myself a 'homemaker' for real, so's there's that at least.

Initially, we are going to live in half of the house best we can and I can imagine it's not always going to be fun with the dogs in tow. Keeping them safe is obviously a big thing after loosing our Bertie to the road here. With contractors coming and going, I'm terrified one or both will get out of the property.

I think by the end of June it will mainly be clothes storage being made and the worst of it inside will be over? At least I hope so!

In the meantime, we have easter to look forward to, right? I'm so ready for warmer days, lighter nights and that feeling of relief as we start to move away from the incessant wet and miserable weather! I have a sinus infection at the moment and it's making me want to move to sunnier climes I can tell you!

In other news, I've kinda given up cleaning! The house is a tip. The pup is mostly to blame and then there's some early packing and sorting going on. I really like to wait until two weeks before and just put everything into it and the pre sort is key to making it all go as smoothly as possible. Our storage in France is also full, so we will have to have a good sort out there soon to make way for more!

It would seem that we are finally leaving the French Wreck adventure behind? She's almost a home now. Almost!

It's all going on, as they say!

More soon

D x

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