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Moving Moments

Loosing it big time!

Never has a move been so unnecessarily complicated! I should know, I've moved so many times, definitely enough to qualify as a moving expert! This is not how it should be! No!

I said to P, this move is the worst so far for so many reasons!

I'm already so homesick for my bed, my clothes and I've no idea where other things I may need are! I honestly didn't realise the lorry, fully loaded, was also going into secure storage for now! How long is now? I don't know, how long is a piece of string?

I also feel that I will definitely regret my poor packing choices sooner rather than later. I've been surviving on 3 pairs of knickers and odds and sods I hastily packed the morning the packers moved in. Nothing matches!

Bag lady mode chosen!

Everything move wise is super delayed, due to the car needing urgent work and without that car we aint going nowhere folks! Someone un press the pause button, be a love!

A Range Rover is a bad life style choice and we know they are full on high maintenance, but boy do they choose their moments to kick off! Of course 'Mr bloody how much' wants to fix it himself. One he doesn't trust garages these days and two he enjoys the challenge, bless him. This time though having to fix a car so we can travel couldn't be more inconvenient if it tried!

I must admit to having a bit of a panic earlier because Watson's export papers run out on Friday! I've also realised its only Monday and all being well we can get going on Wednesday, pray for us!

P's just had to go pick up another part for the car and I for one will be ecstatic when we are finally heading to a ferry port, only 6 days later than we expected. Is the universe trying to tell us something?

There's also something odd about this move that doesnt fit previous moves.... It's lacking any excitement and because I don't want to! Maybe it's also because everything has been harder than need be and of course this isn't our first rodeo to France, just one of many unsuccessful attempts. We are supposed to move in to the renovation on the 10th of May, but we are still moving too slowly, so its off to the SW we go instead.

I'm feeling very challenged in all corners right now.

I am also slightly concerned about when we will see the shipping again? This situation is how we end up with two or more of everything! Not again! This renovation absolutely must take priorty now, otherwise we could easily be in a the same place this time next year! No thanks and actually this nonsense could put me off another wreck and ruin entirely.

Move wise, next time it's Donna walks out of the door as it slams with just a suitcase, gets on a plane to Bora Bora never to be heard off again!

The packers helpfully pointed out that their packing and loading strategy was thwarted by my lamp obsession, how rude! They apparently counted 27 and their beef was the shades, which take some packing and take up a lot of space. Oops!

The cleaners cleaned well upstairs, did a sticking plaster job downstairs and stole my hoovers!

The AIRBNB'in thing is probably better for vacations really and I find myself just wanting to go home. I do feel a little homeless right now lovelies, I do.

I actually believe this so called 'self move' has been way more expensive than he will admit! It's certainly been way more of a faff!

Also, I need some broccoli! I feel like I'm existing on wine and Nexium alone! Give me a market basket full of all the veggies! I've craving the greenage right now!

Meanwhile, Watson the freeloader, is snoring really hard right now, which mean at least one of us is feeling chilled!

The bed here has seen better days frankly, but as I've had to ask to stay extra nights, I dont feel complaining is appropriate! Thank goodness she didn't have another booking till Friday! Imagine being stranded in a holiday let with the new incumbants knocking to get in! I did of course imagine that and consequently had a mini breakdown!

Positives? The dogs are better off here, nice sheltered, safe and tranquil garden. I won't mention the main door is off the lounge and muddy paws are a real problem! Oh my and hasn't it rained forever? Again, wet dogs that smell like damp sheep, not good, not good at all!

I don't know about you but when travelling with dogs I'm on permanent high alert! Especially as Watson is so young. Yesterday, I caught him starting to chew the leg of the footstool and later the fancy beading on it ! Luckily no damage, but I can't take my eye off him for one second!

At least Fizzy is being as kind as she can be to him and sharing the sofa, I guess thats another positive? She's no longer a snarly, snappy bitch knickers and long may it last!

I'm brewing a migraine, I swear it's true. I've had a stress band across my forehead since i got up this morning and with each hour that passes I'm lamenting packing the whole first aid box and shoving it in storage!

I tried to be organised, I really did but somehow this move couldn't be more of a mess if I tried! I guess we monumentally under estimated how much stuff we own! I really need to get a grip and be brutal when we empty the storage in France, just to make way for the next load!

It's a causality loop isn't it?

There's also a real possibility, I need post moving rehab. Some sort of weekly therapy, as I'm told its wrong to murder ones spouse?


Totally unfair!

A holiday to recover from the chaos please? Throw in some sun, sand and a jug of margs for the win!

D x

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