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The return 😉

The countdown is now into double figures, 85 days until our return to the Dordogne. My grandson has been counting the days since before Christmas, in fact since we rebooked for 2024.

It’s funny how we all totally agreed to rebook, it’s at least the fourth or fifth time we have been back, but 'better the devil you know eh '. I know some other members of the wider family think we are nuts (see what I did there ?) The area we stay in is renowned for its nuts.

You have 'done' everything there is to do there, they cry, but perhaps they don’t see the charm we do ? Yes, we have visited quite a few chateaux and jardins, but we always spot something that has changed.

Our favourite cafe / bar might have changed hands but we soon get to know the new owners. The menu has changed in the restaurant we frequent, but that just expands our culinary delight.

And quelle horreur the layout in the supermarche has been changed 😤, as long as they still have our favourite wine etc I am sure we will survive.

The bar in the square is now safely in the hands of the owners son, yes we have been going there for over twenty years, the menu also has changed to reflect the new proprietor but the bones of the place are still the same. We still get a warm welcome, and are 'allowed' inside a tiny bit earlier than your average patron. They recognise our grandchildren and reflect on the fact we celebrate George’s birthday there every year.

The tiny supermarket in the village now stocks more than it did, as long as we can get that emergency bottle of tonic for the sundowner gin we are tres contente. Mr P is very good he nips up to the village boulangerie for breakfast croissants and the daily baguette, this year he hopes that the teen might take on that task, after all she has studied French for four years now 😉

We are renting a different gite this summer, the owners of the one we have used previously are selling it. There was an initial panic from Mr P when that email arrived but after a strong cafe and a few deep breaths we found another equally suitable gite for our summer sojourn.

It's owned by a Dutch couple and is fabulous, we last used it in 2020. In fact the majority of us prefer it, but dont tell Mr P !! It’s more modern, the beds are certainly more comfortable and the views are to die for. A comfortable bed is so important when staying away from home isn’t it ? Good linens too. Fluffy pillows make me happy. Plenty of lovely glasses and china also make me smile.

The outside seating area is under a veranda so perfect for all weathers, we have even managed to eat outside in a storm but obviously prefer not to. The pool is surrounded by very comfy sun beds and umbrellas to shield us from the strong rays of the sun. Each evening we watch the balloons rise up from the valley floor a long way below us. Then as the evening darkens the bats start their dance from the eaves to the valley below, catching the insects etc they need and return with full stomachs.

Yes, we might be deemed boring to return each year but it suits us, we know where everything is, what times the ice cream parlour opens (to beat the other visitors) and above all we relax.

Memories are made and that is always our ultimate goal. I have very fond memories of holidays with my parents, the year my gran got stuck in a folding sun bed is a particularly special one ! Sand in our sandwiches and lukewarm squash featured heavily too. Ugh and changing on the beach with someone holding the towel to protect one’s modesty whilst a gale blew around. The joys of summer in the Uk.

We know that for as long as we 'wrinklies' can manage, we will enjoy our trips to France, enjoy sharing the love and memories with family.

Let the countdown continue !

P.S. for those who need to know, we’re heading to the Bastide village of Domme, high in the Dordogne.

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