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and time out

So necessary.

Always good to stop and smell the roses, isn't it? I do think we are a generation that doesn't rest enough and when I mean rest, I mean just be and do whatever relaxes you.

With Phil away for a few days, I can catch up 'post move', breathe and work out where I am at? Sometimes, time alone is the best therapy a person can get? Time to think, space to decompress. No pressure to go here or there and of course his conference calls in a small apartment are inescapable. When folks suggest we downsize, they are unknowingly inciting murder!

I know many of you will be concerned about me given recent posts? Thank you for that. It's always interesting to note who cares? Most people just care about themselves, or feel it necessary to shove the unpalatable under the carpet! So your messages of support, have made me feel a lot better about things going forward and you are right, sometimes all you can do is walk away, never look back. I'm fine and I'm voting with my feet which is sad, but very necessary.

I actually struggled to sleep last night, not because of recent family issues, but because it's been lot cooler these last few days. I'm not as wiped out by the late evening, as my vitamin D finally tops up. It's amazing the difference a little sun and outdoor weather makes to my super broken immune system. Maybe less French red nectar helps? Nah course not!

Anyway, eventually, I put the fan on for the white noise and that did the trick, out like a light. That said I'm loving the promise of summer here and planning lots of outdoor entertaining when we move.

Watson pup is out of routine and his bed time has moved from a regular 7pm to a bad dog parent 10.55pm, a couple of nights ago. So as I wanted a little extra P&Q last night, I put him in his bed crate a little earlier and he really wasn't happy, bless him.

Tough mate. Puppy life is best served with a strong routine I feel.

On Tuesday, Phil did a dash to the renovation, to have a quick meeting and then to check renovation progress, before hopping on the ferry, to retrieve his motorbike, the new horse box and my Waitrose Gluten Free order!

The 'reno' is ongoing. As I said, we are still working out the best approach going forward. One of our builder chaps was busy trying to re point the salon gable wall, but the heavens kept opening! I do wonder if the rain will ever go away or is this the new normal? I really feel it has rained heavily on and off for ten months now! Is it my imagination? Don't think so! I've honestly got a sweater on here today. I say 'sweater' loosely, because it's a thing with holes in it, more 'beachy' than 'wooly pully', but still!

'Don't cast a clout till May is out'! It's true!

He's retrieved the horse box/gin bar, but it had a flat tyre, didn't have the lock or tarpaulin on! Sellers these days! Anyway, he of course carried tools 'just in case' thank goodness and he said the traffic was madness in the south of England compared to here. I don't want to re experience it again anytime soon, thanks, I really don't have the energy anymore for UK drivers angst!

The Star link internet doesn't seem to like it here and wants to point at the obstructions rather than the satellites....think we need a pole for it, but given that our new sun brolly blew on to the roof of the building, maybe we'll just have to put up with the occasional outages? Phil and I of course went on Brolly watch, after the naughty wind took it Mary Poppins style, worried it would come down on to the road! All was well in the end, phew! Balcony lesson learnt! Not really sure why the neighbours reported it to the owner though, which was rather odd, we are here, come tell us instead! As it was, we knew, how could we not!

I'm not generally a fan of apartments, but this one is quite cute, bijou and has the best view. The building is only two stories high, so hardly a sky scraper. Would I buy one? Maybe as a holiday home, but I doubt I would as a long term home. I like a space to hide from P's conference calling and a bit more privacy for a good old row! Also, getting Watson pup out in time for his constitutionals is a bit too taxing, especially first thing!

The dogs love it here and like to have a little roam, which is good. Of course Fizzy has been here before with Bertie as her companion and knows it well. I just know she will feel much happier after a good groom on Saturday bless her and I hope she stays out of the pond thereafter! She gets hot and goes swimming and consequently has an ear infection. Phil hose pipes them both down when it's too hot. I will buy a doggy pool for them when we move and have a bit more autonomy. Currently a very bored puppy is bringing me toys and I'm hauling them across the room, so I can get a few words done on here!

Phil just sent me a picture of his UK journey this morning, dull, grey, tonnes of traffic. No thanks! Makes me more grateful to be here, even with inclement spring weather we have today.

Best get on, I have a lot of washing to do, so I'm psyching myself up to go into the basement of the ancient Gendarmerie (police station), it's dark down there, but it's not great drying weather today anyway, so I may put it off another day, no rush is there?

I often love the hum drum of chores, the routine, immersing myself in what needs doing, especially baking, it's my way of relaxing. However, I feel like it's been the longest wait for good weather, the joy of hanging washing out to dry and breakfast on the terrace. Hurry up and get here summer, we are all waiting for you!

D x

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