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Apt, I feel after losing my Facebook to hackers yet again!



Even the getting back in, took days and wasn't at all easy, when there was no human to talk to, believe me!

I did all the security stuff, felt smugly 'protected' because I'd done my due diligence and made sure I had the double authentication thing on!

Sadly, FB picked out an old number connected to an old email address, to stop me getting past the block and also the hacker used said old email address and he/she/it managed to break in but me? No, I belonged in FACEBOOK jail no pass go!

I sent my ID in several times and when I read up about this, many said they never ever got a response! I didn’t either. Eventually, I decided to crank up my old laptop, where I first ever logged in and BINGO I got through the gates of social media purgatory!

The thing is, is FB safe? Is it worth it, if one can work at building a page and following but be hacked three times? I am targeted daily by spammers pretending to be META, it's chronic. These are clearly BOTs as the profiles are new and have no followers. Very obvious but it is hard to know if META are really contacting me or not these days.

I report, block and delete the notifications but they keep coming and they waste my time. I'm sure 10 % of my following is now a BOT or hacker or some weirdo selling mushrooms! It's bizarre. If human, one has to wonder wtf is wrong with these nutters!

Anyway, real life goes on, I'm back in and feel a nicer person to be around! It's Good Friday and he's off delivering H to the train station, as she abandoned the olds to go hang with the hip folks of London Town. Can't blame her really. She needs to blow her post job cobwebs away and forget about the job she didn't get! I really didn't think that job or company were H anyway.

He's also delivering some bits to his Mama, so I'm on my tod with the pups for a few hours and supposed to be cleaning but would Jesus clean on Good Friday? I think not!

Tonight, I'm making a mockery of the Friday fish thing by making Fish taco's, washed down with margaritas! lol, poetic licence is cool eh! A modern version of feeding the 5000! Works for me.

Tomorrow the elders are visiting for lunch and the boys will play man toys. P is having great fun with potato crates!

Don't ask, okay do........!

First he bought a lorry, well a bigger one for moving. Then he bought a lift thing to help load. Then he decided on storing boxes and wot not in huge crates which he then bought for tenner each from a potato farm?

He's been power washing these darned crates and I'm pretty sure he will start packing the garage this afternoon, even though I've tried to ban packing until after Easter!

Meanwhile my snug has turned into an old folks home. One of my sofas has gone for repair and he's brought in two chairs we have, one from the hall way and one from his bed side and frankly the look is rather too aging easy chair, although they are blumin comfy!

I'm defo in my don't care about this house era now with a month till the move. I just want to wave a magic wand and it be over! We will get there in the end, we always do. Move no.29 has mentally started and it will be what it will be eh!

Happy extra long weekend loaded with choccy!

D x

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