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Keep shining !

Life changes us all doesn’t it over the years, I was chatting to my cousin recently and we were wondering how on earth we managed to turn into the adults we are today. We didn’t have to endure the scrutiny of social media just our chums in the playground or street.

But survive we did and we are actually quite good at this adult thing ! I do worry about the future generations and how their lives will change, after all when I was a child the tv had 2 stations and was black and white . So much has changed hasn’t it ?

I am an only child, brought up in London, moved to the country (well Hampshire) at the start of my teenage years. I still have a dear friend from those London days and we meet up occasionally. Strangely enough I don’t have any close friends from Hampshire until I went to teacher training college, never thought about that before.

In Hampshire we lived near my aunt, uncle and cousins so I guess there was no real need for friends. We spent most holidays outside on our bikes, picnic in the basket on the front, and off for the day. Those were carefree times, our parents did care about us but life was so . . . gentle then.

Life has indeed changed, but is it for the better ? In some respects it is but in others it definitely isn’t. My grandchildren rarely go off on their bikes alone. The eldest at 14 does go to town with her friends, they go to the river in the summer and paddle but my daughter always knows where she is and what time she will be home. Yes she has a mobile so is always contactable, we certainly weren’t when I was a child !

Friends are like comfy slippers, you just pick up from where you left off, conversations ebb and flo over the years. They are the real McCoy and are priceless.

Then there are the 'friends' we chat with online, in groups and pages on social media. Yes we are careful about the information we share until we properly know each other. I am always wary about giving out too much information online and hope you are too ?

But they can be just as valuable as the friends we have garnered over the years. In fact sometimes we can divulge more to them as they don’t truly judge us. ( at least I hope they don’t )

I became very reclusive during the pandemic, almost scared of my own shadow and sadly I did lose touch with some real life friends. I do wonder if they really were true friends to be honest. I am slowly venturing out more and agreeing to meet folk again but I now realise I don’t need as many friends as I thought I did.

Family mean the world to me and became the centre of my little patch of the universe, upset my family at your peril. The ex son in law did that and he is certainly persona non grata where we are concerned, he doesn’t get it and keeps sending photos when he has the grandchildren much to the grandaughter's annoyance !

I guess what I am really saying is wherever you are in the world, keep your diamonds shining and don’t lose the truly precious ones whatever you do.

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