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Peace on earth

Good will to all.....

I'd like to think it's possible?

Always a work in progress I'm sure, but closer to home, peace finally reigns at the renovation and yes, we are getting stuff done. It feels so good! There are thousands of silly little jobs to do and day by day we are getting them ticked off the list. Being here has made all the difference and we have one week left to make a difference before heading off to the South West again. He is back pretty tout sweet, as he's onboarding some live in trades and also having to get to a meeting in London at the begining of July. Great timing as I can get a break and he can bring me back some GF supplies. Or I will be going with as he's just mentioned the car needs an MOT. We havent had time to start the export process yet and of course he may want to bring the lorry back at the same time.

Honestly, the atmosphere here is yummy, all friendly and positive. I rather like it and this is what I expected in the first place. I no longer get that feeling of dread and we both feel that we can plan ahead now. We are planning a head, getting people in to do this and that and it all suddenly feels a lot more manageable.

This morning the A team consists of the decorator extraordinaire and the new plasterer who has just introduced me to radio X. The decorator is filling in corners that should have been done by another eons ago and the plasterer is mainly in the kitchen this week, getting the place ready for the carpenter. It's like playing join the dots, but at least we are moving forward at great speed now.

I'm still struggling with arm pain, so it's off to the Urgence later to beg for an Xray and maybe some better pain killers? Wish me luck! Oh and I've also got to go to the post office to collect 16 amazon parcels? I don't think the post lady is very happy with my recent ordering spree and has given up! The thing is, Amazon packaging hardly meets the eco friendly criterior now does it? I will get home and end up with a few measily bits ordered and a mountain of cardboard to recycle! Annoying, but right now my focus is getting this place AIRBNB ready. There's really not much else I can do with one arm!

June's weather is rather tedious in the north thus far. I know my new trees are happy enough with April showers, but I'm rather in need of the vitamin D and later some vitamin Sea! The year 2024 has been pretty wet so far and so I'm praying for a flaming July/August summer, then Indian summer way into late autumn, early winter! Come on Mother Nature, you have totally got this!

I'd love some beauty time right now, as I'm way more 'naturale' than I'd like! With summer just getting started, I'd at least like to banish the hobbit feet!

P has been doing all those little but frustrating pesky jobs that have been driving him potty. Tip runs, tidying, storing, privacy film on the windows which consisted on a lot of swearing! By the end of last week he was starting to look a bit unhinged to be frank. His brain is completely fried with his normal work commitments and what he has to do here. Still we managed a nice relaxing fathers day in the pm and had a movie night with his favourite tipple. With all the pressure he's under right now, it's as important he rests sometimes, gathers his thoughts and then cracks on with some fresh energy. I hate seeing him rush around everywhere, spliting himself five ways and meeting himself coming backwards. I'm as much help as a chocolate fire guard right now, which I know is just another complicated dimension to this project! Sod's law eh! I think thats why I'm reluctant to have that Xray! Imagine if I end up in a cast?

Anyway, it's my birthday month in July and I'm planning my birthday pressie....I'm thinking Provence in September?

Love and Gumption

D x

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